The money disappeared

Novosibirets Oleg razumeiko claims that the money from his account he didn’t, and ohmic with a fake passport

Novosibirets Oleg razumeiko sued the savings Bank – he asked to return 2.5 million that went missing from his account. They took off in Omsk on a fake passport.

The claim of Oleg razumeiko to Sberbank will consider the Central district court at the end of this week – novosibirets asks to return him not only the sum of 2,5 million rubles, and interest “for the use of borrowed funds” in the amount of 123 thousand rubles.

As explained to the correspondent NGS Oleg razumeiko, July 20, 2017, he put the money into your account in the branch of Sberbank on the street Sibrevkoma. The same day he called the Bank to know the status of the account, but there he was told that he had already removed this amount – and in Omsk.

“A man came with a passport of a citizen of Kyrgyzstan, on which was written, razumeiko Oleg, and does not coincide with this more than anything! Me the worst way surprised that I was in the savings Bank, not just some system in the Central market. I always thought that the bulwark of reliability and so on.

Why the Bank did not check properly the passport? The result shows that the passport is fake, the person who gave the money, not the face!” explained, razumeiko.

According to Novosibirsk, he immediately wrote a claim to the savings Bank, but not received the money back, went to the police. He was recognized as the victim.

“The Bank took the position very dry. I had to sue, and what to do? Let the court decide”, he added.

Correspondent NGS sent a request to the savings Bank on Thursday, April 19, offered the leadership to clarify its position. In a press-service of the Siberian Bank of Sberbank said that “in order to trial the provision of information prior to the decision of the court is contrary to the interests of its members”.

Addition: after publishing news on the NHS representative Oleg, razumeiko said that a few days after the transfer he called the Bank to know the status of this translation, because in his private office he found data about the operation. What is in the Bank, according to the representative, razumeiko, he was informed that the information is not displayed and it needs to come to the office when he arrived, found that the money had already shot the attacker July 20.

Earlier Kalininskiy district court sentenced to probation the 30-year-old residents of Novosibirsk who stole 30 thousand rubles from the Bank card of a stranger. All information to access this card, the man found in the trash.

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