The organizers estimated the number of participants of “Immortal regiment”: the centre had more than 200 thousand

In Novosibirsk over Patriotic action “Immortal regiment” – the organizers summed up its results.

“The column was two hours – 250 thousand people our numbers,” he told the NGS coordinator Anastasia Panfilova. Now the participants are dead and gone.

The city’s residents, who decided to honor the memory of the great Patriotic war veterans, gathered this morning on the October highway, followed by a military parade, they went on the Red prospectus to the House Officers.

In their hands they carried portraits of soldiers, on the road singing war songs.

the Action started about 11 a.m.

Акция стартовала около 11 часов утра

Photo reader NGS Photo By Anna Zolotova Photo By Alexander Oshchepkov Photo reader NGS

Last year the column had several more – then the share reached about 270 thousand people. It was a record.

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