The campus held a small may day demonstration

In Akademgorodok was a little traditional demonstration

Today, the campus held a traditional may day demonstration from the beginning of Marine Avenue to the House of Scientists. The demonstration was visited by photographer Alex Tanyushin.

The participants gathered near the coffee shop at the beginning of Marine Avenue

All of the demonstrators gathered here under the red flag of the Soviet Union and the Communist party, the other has not been noticed

“The participants began to gather at the beginning of Marine Avenue, near the coffee shop. Was mostly organizers from the Communist party. Distributed banners, greeted each other. It is one and the same audience, they’re not the first meet,” – said the correspondent NGS Alexei Tanyushin.

The participants carried placards on campus and against the government of Dmitry Medvedev

According to the photographer Alexei Canusina in the column were about 200 people

By estimates of Alexey, a column of local demonstrators consisted of about two hundred people. The street was closed in the early Marine Avenue and the House of Scientists.

Ended day demonstration in the near Akademgorodok House of Scientists

How celebrated May 1 in Novosibirsk city centre, correspondents NGS said during an online broadcast.

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