In Novosibirsk, found a thousand apartments

cheapened И без того дешёвые квартиры в хрущёвках на окраинах ещё больше потеряли в цене the already cheap apartments in the Khrushchev on the outskirts even more lost

In April in Novosibirsk lost in the price of 1191 flat – 4% of all variants in the secondary housing market and 22% more than in March, estimated by experts N1.RU.

A large portion of apartments with a discount was a one-room – 40%. 30% of cheap housing “kopeck piece”, 23% of apartments – bedroom. While more than half of all apartments had been exposed at below market prices, analysts said.

Most of the apartments, which the sellers lowered the price in April, is located in the Leninsky district, as well as in the Oktyabrsky and Kirovsky. The average price of apartments amounted to 3 million rubles.

In particular, the number of apartments, lost a greater share of the cost, was 2-room apartment in the Khrushchev on the street of Siberians-Guardsmen, 15: in March, it was on sale for 2.99 million rubles, but less than a month have thrown off the price to 2.15 million. The average price of these apartments, according N1.RU is 2.5 million.

“The number of owners who cut prices after we put the apartment two times more than those increases, says the head of the press service of the website N1.RU Anastasia Grineva. – As a rule, if there is no interest, the seller moves the price, however, we must note that the sale of any property – is often a chain of transactions, so the seller depends on the price of that object, which plans to buy.”

Earlier, analysts discovered in the Novosibirsk new building with the largest number of apartments for sale – it is simultaneously put on the market about hundreds of apartments.

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