In the building on the left Bank opened a bar for skiers

The owners of the brewery Vaer opened a bar on the ground floor of one of the buildings of the residential complex “Panorama” in the Kirov district of Novosibirsk.

Из еды в баре пока только готовые закуски Food in the bar until just ready meals

Window institutions overlook the ski slope on the mountain.

The developer is equipped on the edge of the hill landscaped promenade

The bar offers almost no food, other than ready-snacks – to order you can only craft beer brewery. The prices range from 100 rubles for a glass of 0,3 litre. The school say they intend to add to the menu hot drinks. Bar opened in late April and continues to operate in test mode.

The school overlooks the river Ob

The Windows of the establishment open onto the sidewalk, which immediately starts on the slope working here in winter, the ski complex “Virazh”. One of the lifts, in particular, situated on an artificial mound across the street. In the bar, however, the topic of winter sports does not play. The walls are decorated with the usual paintings institution Vaer beer production.

On the walls familiar to the network diagram of the brewery

For Vaer new bar has already become the fourth institution. His first bar, the company opened also in a new residential complex on the street Ippodromskaya. This year’s diner with a bowling alley and restaurant have earned in the shopping center “Sibirskiy Mall”.

In winter, skiers will start almost from the door of the bar

Ski resort in this place working for a long time, but until now, the catering was limited to here only diner at the end of the track with disposable dishes. Full ski bars at the Novosibirsk companies have so far only Sheregesh is Grelka and Rooks.

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