Video: burning fields near Novosibirsk

Every day in the Novosibirsk region recorded about thirty points of fire grass

Fields near Novosibirsk in the village of Bugotak was burning on both sides of the road. Video from the scene of the fire were sent by the witness this morning.

“Burning on both sides of the road in many places. We were driving in the different locations it was evident that randomly set on fire. This is the road from Bugotak to Carpesica. Literally on the edge of the village Bugotak was on fire, and while we were driving to the highway via Karpisek, all blazed on two sides,” said Eugene, who was an eyewitness to the fire.

As reported in the regional emergencies Ministry, over the past days in the Novosibirsk region every day there is about thirty fires.

“This morning in the field recorded 33 points of fire. But while the transition burning grass on settlements was not allowed. Typically all these grass burning man-made. There was, for example, the case when a person on his land he built a fire and tried to burn the vegetation. But the result was in the hospital with carbon monoxide poisoning. <…> With the number 28 on the territory of the Novosibirsk region introduced a special fire mode. Any use of open flames and fires are prohibited”, – told the correspondent of NSAs in the regional emergencies Ministry.

Previously eyewitnesses reported that the burning fields in the area Evsino, and the highway R-256 was completely shrouded in smoke.

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