Choice b: car for girls

Crossover Nissan Juke love or hate, but in any case, I think explicit typing for the girls. Informed readers of NGS chose it the women’s SUV of the 20 proposed models (61,7% of the votes). But his rivals in the budget 650 000 rubles will be two cars – the Mazda 3 and Honda Fit. Cars rate on a 5-point scale in five categories.

1. Freshness

Выбор б/у: тачка для девочки

Nissan Juke in our budget is the 2011-2012 edition. You can find 2013, if you work hard. 4 points.

Cars Mazda 3 – the same, although generation of the model has changed. 4 points.

The representative of the RHD world Honda Fit also has its own range of consumers. The car will be released in 2013-2014, 5 points.

2. Appearance

The appearance of the “Juka”, as we have noted, clearly an Amateur. Lights-the eyes of many insect scare, but in General, because the car was designed very stylish and modern, toward the back, no major complaints. Neutral 4 points.

Mazda 3 second generation is outdated on the background of the new “Mazda”. Small visual sizes, amorphous front grille. 4 points.

Fit looks fresh and sprightly, it’s the actual third generation. A tidy, plump, with an interesting swage line on the side, with beautiful optics. 5 points.

3. Salon

Juke basically nice inside, except for a strange plumbing forms the Central tunnel. Plastic mediocre, hard. Trunk volume of 251 litres. 4 points.

The interior of Mazda 3 is perceived better than the exterior. Good materials, comfortable ergonomics, a nice visor over the front panel, under which are two small information display. The trunk of the sedan – 430 litres, the hatchback is 340 liters. 5 points.

The front panel of the Honda Fit looks very interesting, it is a complex, multi-tier. The multimedia system is deployed slightly toward the driver, traditionally a large space for “Honda”, a lot of air over your head, in the front Windows to improve visibility. Trunk – 340 litres. 5 points.

4. Ride quality

Juke is the only crossover in our top three, and that great advantage. High rise, review away, able to storm any barriers. The ground clearance is 18 inches. The motor will probably be 1.6-liter, 117-horsepower, this compact SUV is enough. May be able to find a car with all-wheel drive, but the basic proposal, of course, a front-wheel drive options. The transmission is a CVT, which in General, for a target audience no matter, the main thing not a mechanic. 5 points.

Our front wheel drive Mazda 3 equipped with a 1.6-liter aspirated power of 105 PS and a classic machine. Clearance is only 15.5 centimeters – not to drive nor climb anywhere not it will not work. But in General, a good city sedan with good handling, multi-link rear suspension. 4 points.

Honda Fit with a CVT and the 1.3-litre engine capacity of 100 HP to 200 kg lighter than “Mazda”. So it will be quite brisk, convenient city hatchback with a lightweight Parking (length of 4 meters). The secondary is well represented by the options Fit with all-wheel drive but the ground clearance (15 cm) is too small for assaults serious obstacles. Yes, and the right wheel, poor visibility when overtaking and left turn. 4 points.

5. The technical part

6-7 to the age of the Juke CVT problems might emerge. Box can kick, start with jerks and failures. The destruction of the sun gear, cracked the internal mechanisms of the CVT – all of which can lead to costly repairs. The engine in cold weather can fail because of peremerzaniya throttle. The little things – the wear on wheel bearings, weak battery, rattling plastic in the cabin. 4 points.

Mazda 3 can be relatively problem-free car. An engine and machine have proven themselves as reliable units. There are problems with the steering rack failing hydraulic pump. In the suspension often have to change the stabilizer link and wheel bearings, but nothing unusual. 5 points.

CVT 4-year-old Hondas is probably still in quite living condition. But, of course, necessary to carefully check the car and abandon it in the case of suspicious vibrations on the box. Engines L13 can be uncomfortable fast wear of candles and ignition coils. Possible catastrophic failure of the EGR valve. But overall the car is still a great resource, 4 points.

Summative evaluation:

Nissan Juke – 4.2 points

Mazda 3 – 4.4 points

Honda Fit – 4.6

In this comparison, won RHD Honda Fit, and the Juke does become an outsider. Well, readers NGS can vote and offer their own versions in the comments.

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