Behind the shopping centre “Europe” the rose cemetery curbs

Red street in the Zaeltsovsky district of Novosibirsk increased landfill curbs: Packed behind the shopping centre “Europe”.

О сваленных в кучу старых поребриках в редакцию сообщил читатель About a bunch of old piled in the curbs to the editor said the reader

“The old curbs were piled in a ravine in front of the unfinished Red Avenue, 104,” wrote a reader to the editor of NGS.

According to Novosibirsk, a photo with a dump of the curbs he did last Sunday, but I’m sure in the same place they are still. The eyewitness added that lives nearby, but before this dump, did not notice, and assumes that it came less than a year ago.

“I think last year piled up. Just there were the bushes, as it was summer, it was not seen – them there change, and now no greenery, and everything in place,” – described the situation the witness.

After the onset of spring and April Saturdays the city’s residents began to complain about piles of garbage in the yards of homes and on the streets – photos of garbage heaps readers NGS send to the editor a few days in a row.

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