“My wife said – it is unlikely this night will survive”

Sergey Silkov looks great – it’s easy and briskly down from a high staircase in the atrium of Technopark, where work with the TCI controller. It is almost impossible to imagine that this man with dumbbells from swollen veins in the hands and rapid step several years ago was “walking corpse”, as he puts it. When he stopped working normally own heart, Sergei was 30 years old, he was a strong military and was raising a young son.

Doctors clinic Meshalkina admit that, when Sergei came to him in 2010, he was in serious condition, the heart’s pumping function was very low, but “a donor heart on the shelf don’t lie,” said the cardiologist, Dmitry Doronin.

And besides, Silkov a fairly rare third blood group – if they wanted to they couldn’t transplant a new heart. And he waited for almost three years.

Siberian told the NHS the background to transplantation and that really means a painful waiting:

Heart ached for a long time, I just didn’t see it. Since the phase that I began to die? It started after a few colds. It gave complications in the heart – it seems to be called infectious myocarditis. No scientist can say where it comes from. The point is that any disease – SARS, sore throat, whatever you sick – gives complications in the weakest organ. What is weak is on there and hits it. I have many times made sure of that.

How did you feel? And as the walking corpses feel? To climb one flight of stairs – choke. Dropped head below the waist blood to the head rushing, heart is unable to pump her back, head spinning, lightheadedness. And, Yes, I was treated a month from bronchitis… ACC there, whatever.

Then my leg got sore, so the red stripe is going to the groin is bright red. Inflamed vein. I was admitted to a local hospital, started something dripping, a bunch of drugs had yet to buy. I put the diagnosis, I have thrombophlebitis of the limbs – a lot of blood clots together. I was put on the table, slashed the leg, pulled vein, and then I realized that I didn’t know that Vienna pulled. Put me to sleep with anesthesia and I could not because my heart is almost not working.

I woke up in the supine position – the whole polumertvogo. Labs came back – and there is complete *oops. Dragged me to another hospital for a heart ultrasound – and there I was in the intensive care unit stuck. Then the wife called and said: “don’t worry, it’s okay, this night is unlikely to survive.”

Siberian said that 30 years didn’t know of heart problems

When the heart you are not working practically – the brain really sucks is washed by the blood, begins to work badly. You start to rave, it creates its own world, and really not thinking. Plus all the bodies for the time that the heart is dying, they, too, still sucks supplied with blood and oxygen, of course, do not work. Although the body has one part is worn.

I was transferred to Meshalkin, immediately put in intensive care. The whole Council came to me and said, “We thought that you had blood clots in the lungs so you suffocate. It does not. Need surgery, you need to put you camera – you can say no, we’ll get you to your military doctors.”

Saying, “Doctor, you offer me either to die or to survive? How do you think I choose?”. Chose the surgery.

Ordered the device “Incor” – this thing replaces only one ventricle. It is inserted and it throws into the aorta, the blood unloads the heart. Will not regenerate a heart transplant.

That was probably the night before surgery. It is clear that no one said, “you Have two choices: survive or not.” But then I was faced with people who have experienced this surgery, some do not come out of intensive care, not because of doctors, because of their physical features. Doctor Dmitry Doronin have a picture where is he, I and two other people who had to do the surgery, – two of them already.

The first half was generally excellent – the device is stuck, nothing is rejected. And then you’re out of hospital – you still have to move. Some cling to the dirt on the silicone, which is happy to climb under the skin. And of course, evokes different microorganisms. Aureus woke up – I temperature sharply rose and fell.

Silkov have left a large scar from the apparatus

The apparatus operates continuously – that there is a lot of batteries. One working, one backup, two in stock charged. Unit kilograms 10 – this bag, as a Boombox. New batteries are usually enough for 6 hours. Can not wear, to the power supply to connect, and as a dog near the outlet to sit. Lying on the couch watching telly, and he is connected to the outlet.

Wife once went to visit my mom – and I went and forgot to connect. Fell asleep so hard I woke up because my phone is yelling durnin, errors in the display of different spilling. I quickly change – you hear it start. The whole day passed, and we sleep at 11 PM to lie down and then can’t stand up. Managed to form a blood clot. Handles-legs move, and can’t stand up. Called wife, she is the neighbors, they kicked the door, called an ambulance.

2 years and 7 months have passed – I started to hurt, I three months before the transplant I only lived on painkillers. Began the morning so the wife did the injection, 20 minutes easier. Four hours to go – and then again. But I’m not abused – at night is not the shot. Slept well, although the shouting at night – I don’t remember. The wife told.

It became clear that the heart is not restored.

 After the transplant, he stayed in the hospital another month

Once I was called: “Come! The donor came, everyone!. And the two of us suitable. He (another patient. – M. M.) say: “So you more fit. You’re on surgery and you’re home.” Awesome. I went home at three o’clock in the morning.

16 Dec 2012. Doronin again calling: “Come!”. (M. M.: what feelings were going?) The feeling of one thing – not to die. Because you don’t know, Wake up or you don’t, run it is the heart at all. (M. M.: in fact, you waited until the other people die?) While the brain dies. Then I thought about it, now I don’t think about it.

It turns out, in fact, that person already anyway – he’s a living corpse, he makes a machine breathing for him. When I arrived in the operating room, I least thought about it.

I remember being wheeled from the operating after transplantation – and an hour later came the first doctor to examine. I remember it was very hot and stuffy, I’m all bandaged up, a machine that breathes for me, I can not tell anything. I Dr. Masha – hot. He opened the window – became so good, nice…

Then I remember how to breathe, the tube is removed. After six days I began to walk, there’s a whole bunch of tubes hanging – so only a couple of meters here and there. Then brought the laptop – all was well and fun. Discharged after a month after surgery. PAH-PAH-PAH, all the cool and good it was with me.

Now a former military man is retired, he is the controller of OTC in the Academpark. From the first marriage of his 13-year-old son, a second marriage Sergey has a daughter, she is 2 years

I do sports. Gym with weights, barbells and dumbbells and a lot sportpit. Doctors advise not to lift weights, but in all the will of God, if you lift weights – lift.

There are two ways of learning people learn constantly. One slow when you don’t always go to Church, but doing the right thing, trying. And I was fast, otherwise I probably did not respond to training, I went through it all, you put life from head to foot. A little bit I felt better.

Starting to live a healthy lifestyle. The fact that I quit Smoking and drinking, is all a gift from above. Quit drinking for the last six months I only had one beer, that’s all my alcohol. To people was a different attitude, became more compassionate or something, I guess. I’m not saying I suddenly became an angel. But a lot of what I had thought when all this happened to me.

Asked the doctor, who is the donor. He said: “You need this?”. No. Well, everything.

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