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The end of spring this year is more like the end of autumn: gray, rainy and not spring cold. All last week the temperature barely crawled up to +10, and felt these 10 often does on 0.

Last week, forecasters recognized that this may in Novosibirsk can be considered abnormal, although not in the cold. In the Western-Siberian UGMS was expecting something similar but not on such a scale, said chief of Department of weather forecasts of the Novosibirsk meteorologist Marina Vinogradova.

– Overall, may we have assumed in the forecast below normal, but it was assumed by 1-2 degrees, – said the expert correspondent NGS. In the atmosphere in may was dominated by the North-Western processes, which are air masses moving from the Atlantic across the Ural mountains, with the Northern part of its skirting. <…> So we have more cold air masses from Salekhard, Norilsk, and the Northern Urals.

Cold front literally hovered over Novosibirsk: in Krasnoyarsk, for example, on Monday +27, Omsk, +19, and even in Barnaul at least +13.

In General, the area is divided the front into two parts, and the temperature difference in different areas may reach nearly 20 degrees, from +4 to+9 in the North to +27…+28 in the South. And it’s warm in the next few days will move in the direction of the city.

– Now a little high-altitude frontal zone is rebuilt, the process will be in a South-westerly direction to navigate, and more from Kazakhstan will come to us heat. So in the next three days we expect a little increase in temperature – assured Marina Vinogradova. – Not very strong, “trecator” we don’t expect – “thirty” will go to the Altai and the Altai Republic, and we have somewhere to be 15-20 degrees.

However, if it is the beginning of summer, not the heat celebration: in June a possible return of cold, down to freezing, but while the specific forecasts of weather forecasters are not prepared to give.

The may cold was accompanied by rain and snow

From the cold affects not only Novosibirsk, but also the economy of the region. Today, at a Cabinet meeting, the interim head of the Ministry Yevhen Leshchenko complained about the lag from the plan for planting due to the extreme cold. In may, farmers have to plant 97 thousand acres in a day, and seeded all last week, only 31 thousand, a third of the norm. As a result, on may 27 a plan to work in the fields made by only 24%: of the 2 million hectares of spring crops sown today only 480 thousand hectares, of them 162 thousand hectares sown with wheat, the main “cash crop”.

This is the lowest rate of work over the last 10 years.

– Very severe weather conditions, – said Leshchenko. – Western-the Siberian hydrometeorological centre services continues to record dangerous meteorological phenomenon of supercooling of the soil. The condition of the soil caused by heavy rainfall, about three standards fell in our area, region, and abnormally low temperatures.

Government officials are so concerned about the situation in the near future are going to be directed to areas of the field (the worst things in iskitimskiy, Kochkovskaya, Chanovskiy, Ordynskiy, Ust ‘ -Tarkskogo and Tatar) special documents to local authorities discussed the possibility of introducing a state of emergency. Then the government decide whether to introduce this regime in the entire region.

– That the wheat has ripened, have until June 1 to complete sowing, otherwise it all goes into silage, the grain does not ripen, do not have time, confirms the fears of officials Marina Vinogradova.

For the month in the region fell three rainfall

Due to the cold not in a hurry to bloom, for example, apples: a year ago the city was drowning in Apple blossoms, and today is only modestly blossomed almonds.

The only plus in the cold for citizens in Novosibirsk still no mosquitoes and midges. Their flight is severely delayed due to adverse weather conditions, like aircraft in fog.

All mosquito larvae are in the water, get the ratio temperaturregelung criteria, and only then fly. From cold water they fly very long, but they can not fly, – said the Advisor of the Novosibirsk regional center of disinfection, doctor desinfectology Vladimir Kryzhanovsky.

However, on 29 may, the forecasts promise warming to +20, and the first wave of mosquitoes will move to the city in about a week, an expert has warned. To predict whether this year due to cold weather less, he did not dare to predict it is impossible.

In the next week will not only be warmer and sunnier but: according to the forecasts of the site meteoinfo.ru the sun will peek out in the second half of the week, the weekend also promises to be quite nice – no rain and really spring temperature to +25. What will be the summer, is unknown, forecasters will prepare long-term prognosis only in early June.

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