Camry fat is the new idol of worship

Camry for consumers in Siberia is a special car. Worship him, respect him, believe in his reliability. Cooler, perhaps, only the Land Cruiser, but sales of the “Camry” is far ahead of the SUV and in a primary and the secondary.

If you look closely at the new “Camry” (courtesy of the official dealer of “Toyota center Novosibirsk West”), you can see that it is a kind of reincarnation of the super-popular at the time, the body XV40. The same headlight shape is drawn down the internal corners, such as strong edges the edges of the hood.

The front of the new machine impresses with its huge “mouth” of the bumper is “Camry” is called the “bearded” or “hairy”. Looks aggressive and dignified – and, most importantly, not boring, as it was on previous models.

Look from the side forms a swage line passing at the level of the door handles from arch to arch. The feed sat down and the car was now too lifted in the back. Completely changed the perception of the profile – I used to have “bath”, now part of a sports car.

Reduce clearance of about half an inch, and 155 mm – also in the Treasury of sportiness. There is a lower roof. But other dimensions have increased in length 4885 mm now (plus 3.5 cm), width – 1840 mm (plus 1.5 cm). The wheelbase has grown by as much as 5 inches, to 2825 mm.

The back also has some 40th of the body, the tailgate has a similar vsyem, and the rear wings form prominent shoulders. Lanterns stretched, climbed strongly on the wings – but they are not particularly fashionable look. Just regular lights, like dozens of others.

The interior of the cabin moved from the traditional boring architecture in the category of the riot lines in the style of Lexus. In the centre here – S-shaped flourish, batting from the driver the multimedia display and the unit climate.

This decision creates for the person driving the particular cockpit with a cozy alcove in front of the automatic transmission lever. It’s a fashion trend, and the Japanese coped with it.

The design of the doors isn’t as elegant as the front plate. Here is more mundane decisions, but the materials are high quality, soft, plastic, skin and gloss.

There are several options of decorative inserts, looks good this is a sweeping patterned wood.

The multimedia system has got normal logic build menu, reasonable responsiveness. Most of the physical buttons look stylish and modern. Still on the steering wheel button was made more colorful – here they are just black and banal. The steering wheel is completely leather, without any inserts, glossy spokes lower.

On the instrument panel in the middle was placed a large enough display, where the output data the on-Board computer, information about the operation of various electronic systems.

Rear sofa, which are now more overwhelmed and down. The distance to the backs of the front seats has decreased slightly, but not so much that something changed in the logic of consumer preferences. This machine still will carry and officials, and large families.

In richer versions have rear passengers will be a touch of the remote control multimedica, climate and electric back – it is embedded in the armrest.

Trunk 493 liters, everything is simple – a pair of hooks, an organizer for tools in the cellar. There is a convenient handle for fixing the floor in good condition.

This car has new 3.5-liter engine V6 power of 249 HP and a new 8-speed automatic. Solid classic – aspirated and torque Converter. With these units “Camry” takes the first hundred in 7.7 seconds. But most would buy a more relaxed 2.5-liter variant.

The Japanese claim that the greatly improved sound insulation used new materials, more layers of protection, is allowed to make the car more comfortable in the acoustic plan.

The new platform, increased width, reduced clearance, increased body rigidity, the use of high-strength steels have made “Camry” is more pleasant in driving. Small rolls, precise responsive steering – here now modern electronica with the motor installed on the body rail.

“Camry” has not lost the comfort, softness of the stroke – one of the main qualities for which the machine was liked by the buyers. Suspension is well smoothes cracks, sharp edges, but among the very large pits the car to do nothing – just will touch the ground with the underbody and bumpers. Habitat – asphalt.

For basic version “Camry” appointed marketing price 1 399 000 rubles, it is even reduced compared to the previous generation. For the engine 2.0 (150 HP) 6-speed automatic, led head optics, steering wheel with buttons, engine start button, power steering, power Windows with “Auto”.

Then there are another 6 models, the maximum is 2 341 000 roubles – here is a variety of electronic security systems, character recognition, control, markup, active cruise.

Competitors of Ford Mondeo, Mazda 6 – are 1 385 000 roubles and 1 336 000 rubles respectively, but then with increasing level of equipment, the price of cars approximately equal. The rich version is also rolled over $ 2 million.

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