Tiny Home Company Offers Free Rentals to Anyone Who Manages Them for 1 Year

Interested? The program is «available to anyone who would like to be a Partner, has an acceptable site, has good credit and who would like monthly income with little investment,» the website reads.

This tiny home rental offer is kind of a big deal.

Sure, big houses with lots of room to move around in are great, but what if I told you there are tiny homes across America that you can get for free?

In an intriguing rental program from Escape, a Wisconsin-based builder of tiny portable homes, you can supposedly get a rental unit for free if you manage it for one year

The houses offered in the program are for locations within 100 miles of the Top 50 metro areas in the U.S., as well as other high-traffic places.

Once the tiny house has been delivered, managers can rent it out on Airbnb or other booking sites to generate revenue, and will get 40 percent of the earnings. The only costs are apparently utilities, power and a refundable security deposit.

The tiny houses can also be purchased at any time, where prices range from $40,000 to $78,500.

And here’s the best part about having a tiny house: They’re legally considered RVs, which means no property tax. 

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