Exam strict regime

In 2015, the math exam is divided into two parts – basic and core. However, the majority of students are not confined to a simple level so as to enroll in a faculties is impossible without points for the relevant part – the relevant mathematics pass from 5322 7011 graduates.

If the student on the exam will see the phone, it will expel from examination, and the result is void

“Children! Leave all the stuff here. With him nothing is impossible. The passport covers we obtain at once!” – with anguish in his voice commanded the teacher near the wardrobe at the Lyceum № 200. Today, graduates of four schools here pass the exam at the basic level of mathematics is one of the most exciting subjects, because without a positive rating for this part is impossible to matriculation. Before the exam students carefully inspect, not worse than before going abroad – in the audience can carry only a pen, a passport, a bottle of water and chocolate in packaging that does not rustle.

Climb to the second floor, where the exam can only be on the list

To pass the exam, you need to score just 27 points, but many universities put their minimum, not gaining which, the applicant will not even be able to apply – for example, in the NSTU will not take no for 32 points of core mathematics, and just less than 50 points. Faculty of information technologies state University considers applicants with results from 60 points. To catch your breath before the relevant exam, pupils have only one day – the second part is scheduled for June 1.

For students looked after by the experts

The students crowding the classrooms already nine in the morning, although the exam starts at 10:00 – open bags with jobs not not a minute sooner. These disciples in the Lyceum for the first time: all of them students of other schools Central district – in his school to pass the exams impossible. Today in the Lyceum № 200 on the street Kropotkina, 265, wrote the exam the graduates of schools № 13, № 17, № 74 and Lyceum No. 159.

“It is a requirement of the Ministry of education. Students write the exam only in other schools. Of course, if it turns out that it is the only place where the exam, only then will solve,” explains strict rules Veronica Vorontsova, Director of the point of the exam. The atmosphere here is like a sensitive subject, at every step check the lists, everywhere you can see signs announcing the surveillance. In addition, sealed all doors except classrooms where they write the exam, and toilets.

Students do not choose what the audience for a place to sit – the place of surnames distributed in advance

In classes students are allowed only at 9:30. I think the last half hour before the exam, the most terrible is to take absolutely nothing in the classroom is a nervous silence, and teachers are afraid to break Protocol in front of public observers.

This year the leaves of control and measuring materials (or simply tasks) are printed while students

This year there was one rule that should prevent the leakage of jobs use, discs with control and measuring materials teachers get a few minutes before the exam under the painting and prints are already in the classrooms with students. However, teachers are wary of innovation, some believe that to merge the job with digital media even easier than with paper.

Teachers have to inspect the toilets – resourceful graduates of hiding the phones and Cribs in tanks and bins

According to teachers, a few years ago, students tried to hide cheat sheets and phones in the toilets under the ceiling they are regularly found “mortgages”. However, last year there was nothing to hide, as they say themselves teachers: children understand that it is useless – all the same all out. Today, the Commission in restrooms found nothing.

From optional to obtain the certificate subjects students most often choose English

The following is mandatory for all exam – Russian language – only appointed on June 6. This year Russian pass more than eight thousand people. The most popular of supplementary exam in this year was English – it was selected more than 5 thousand graduates. However, all the results of the students only towards the end of June, the eve of the Proms.

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  1. Faculty of information technologies state University considers applicants with results from 60 points. To catch your breath before the relevant exam, pupils have only one day — the second part is scheduled for June 1.

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