Holiday boomed into the pit

In November 2017 holiday put up for sale 151 store, 22 of them bought a “Tape”. The company continued to actively go to the format of discounter – “the Hold”.

But it is a year has undergone changes, the most notable of which is the emergence of own brand “Farmer’s center”, which can be explained by the reluctance to depend on foreign suppliers.

The limited liability company “Company holiday”, according to the register, registered in 2004 in the Novosibirsk region – the village of Koltsovo. Founder – H. S. R. Holiday siberiada retailing group limited; on her behalf has the right to act Nikolay Skorohodov. In the same role he plays, OOO “holiday Estate”. He Skorokhodov is the founder of “holiday marketing”, was in 2010. According to information from the service “Loop.Focus”, the founder of the H. S. R. Holiday siberiada retailing group limited 99.9% uptime, Nikolai Skorokhodov – less than 0.1%. The last General Director of the company.

In parallel with this “holiday” is actively suing – and, according to the Arbitration court NSO, the company has huge debts.

According to the service “Loop.Focus”, “Company holiday” for the last three years is a defendant in 841 business for a total amount of 3.2 billion rubles. Over the past year 379 cases for a total amount of 2.1 billion rubles. The specified remaining amount to be recovered – 65,6 million rubles. To reach the business owner Nikolai Skorokhodov and to his comment about the current Affairs of the company failed.

Search the website of the Arbitration court in the party case, “Company holiday” – where it is a defendant, gives 860 cases, among which complete, and no. Of them in the Arbitration court of Novosibirsk region – 692.

The first store network “kholdi discounter” opened “Holliday” in 2009

“The big companies and holdings may be such a large number of claims. But sometimes it happens that the procedure of bankruptcy takes place upon the request of only one of the creditors, and all others will be included in the case directly after the introduction of bankruptcy procedures,” explains liquidator, employee of the Department of innovation and entrepreneurship NSUEM Vitaly Angelevski.

The expert adds that the law provides for a minimum amount of 300 thousand rubles to be able to apply to the court to declare the debtor bankrupt:

“If 300 thousand-there is already a basis for treatment. And this is the amount of principal, interest and all other there are not. For each company its threshold: for someone billion – not the money, but for someone already 300 thousand can become a serious problem.”

Vitaly Angelevski studied cases in which a “Company holiday” is the defendant. In his view, the relevant case A45-10393 (2017).

“In this case turned a few creditors, most of them of a statement left still without a movement, according to some in the beginning of June is a consideration. Several creditors are asked to recognize the company bankrupt. It can be concluded: just a few lenders address, it means there is a systemic non-payment of obligations. If there were one, could be no doubt that they will enter the procedure bankrostva, and since many lenders have applied is likely to enter bankruptcy proceedings,” – says Vitaly Angelevski.

Over the past year the company has 379 for a total amount of 2.1 billion rubles

This case is almost a year, the next review would be in June. Cases drag on, explains the liquidator, as a rule, due to the fact that someone has made certain documents, e.g. a receipt for sending statements to the debtor. The court could then leave the application without movement until the applicant has remedied the breach.

Further, there may be several variants of the situation. “The first procedure that will be imposed against the debtor – is a procedure of observation. The liquidator has to analyze the whole situation, to prepare an analysis of the financial condition, assets and debt. And on this basis prepare a report – what is the fate of this enterprise. But in any case everything will be decided by a meeting of creditors”, – said Vitaly Angelevski.

At the first meeting of creditors is decided what will be further procedure of external administration, financial rehabilitation or bankruptcy proceedings.

“External management and financial rehabilitation is aimed at restoring solvency: a schedule of debt repayment plan is approved, according to which it is extinguished. The idea is the debtor must pass the bankruptcy. If you enter bankruptcy proceedings, this means that will be officially declared bankrupt and all the property will be sold”, – concluded the expert.

The remaining amount to be recovered from “holiday” – 65,6 million rubles

Leading researcher of the Institute of Economics RAS, doctor of economic Sciences Vladimir Klistorin notes that in General, the trade boom ended long ago, because real incomes declined for several years. And probably this, too, can explain what is happening in the company.

“This year promises only that there will be a slight increase in income. So the retailers were not feeling very well. Large companies, especially at the Federal level, is somehow easier to survive this period, because they could achieve from suppliers big discounts. As for the specific company “holiday” a couple of years it was not very good, as far as I know. But this is purely a rumor,” says the economist.

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