Little stars: vociferous schoolgirl from Novosibirsk go to the “Junior Eurovision”

Singer-schoolgirl from Novosibirsk group Dodostar go to the Russian final of “Junior Eurovision – 2018″ to Crimea – they will sing the song “Listen” written by Siberian composer.

Member of the group Dodostar – Elizabeth Smetannikova (9 years), Victoria Nikolaev (8 years), Madina Arefyeva (11 years old) and Alice Minenko (11 years). All the girls doing vocals for a few years in the Novosibirsk producer center “father’s children”, told the correspondent NGS the father of one of the singers Alex Smetannikov.

“Lisa before school began to study music. She was always the artistic girl, she always liked to dance, to sing, in four years she won a poetry contest in kindergarten, and then participated in city competition of poetry. We decided to support it,” – said the father of Elizabeth.

The girls have performed at venues of Novosibirsk and are now going to sing in “Artek”

Singer from the group Dodostar (left to right): Victoria Nikolaeva, Elizabeth Smetannikova, Alice Minenko and Madina Arefyeva

According to the vocal coach Anna Males, all members of the group ready to perform with the song “Listen” which they will sing on 3 June in the Russian final of the “Junior Eurovision – 2018” in the Crimean centre “Artek”. Before the speech, Dodostar has already passed the preliminary selection in Moscow.

The song “Listen” written for the competition the head of the center “father’s children”, the composer Sergei Bayandin.

“They are well kept on the stage for his age – they are liberated, trained, they very often concerts,” said Anna Malash.

Alex Smetannikov added that members of the group every day, doing vocals and dance singer, and a support team will travel to Crimea on Friday, June 1.

Now on the official website of the Junior Eurovision song contest is already underway voting for the songs from Novosibirsk singers 11 competitors.

Previously a pupil of Anna Males, 13-year-old schoolgirl Daya Borisov from Novosibirsk, came in show of the First channel “Voice.Children.” In March 2018, she appeared on the fifth season with the song “Blu Cantrell – Hit ‘Em Up Style” and was in the team Basta at the end of the blind auditions.

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