Mash every day

Plot Station highway at the house № 16 (the even side) can be called the problem – every day this highway block the cars parked in the second or even third row. As a result, three lanes turn into one.

Many (as, for example, the driver of this Ford), Parking the second row, do not even try to get at least carefully – as a result, the tail of the machine overlaps another strip. And constantly arriving/departing vehicles during the steering can lock and the only remaining left-most lane.

The intersection of Chaplygina street and red Avenue – here up on the intersection, in the crosswalk, the second row and I stop still on the lawn. Just around the corner paid a large Parking lot, but many are too lazy to go there.

Sverdlova street at the children’s hospital № 3. Leave the cars here, those who came even to the hospital, and, for example, in the government of the region. “Honda” is the third next.

Ulitsa Maksima Gorkogo, cut along the Pervomayskaya square. The entire segment is almost always busy with cars parked in the second row. Sometimes cars and up on the opposite side of the three lanes turn into one.

The plot of street of Lenin from the Soviet to the driver. On the second row on each side, Parking on a pedestrian crossing and wheelchair seats, protruding tails. Here it is better not to travel by car.

On the street Communist in the area of administration of the Central district also has two extra rows on each side. A two-way street, but oncoming cars can’t pass each other – sometimes drivers hit head-on, immediately there is a traffic jam.

Another source of “overpopulation” on the Communist – fragment in front of the FSB. Note, the car at the emergency gang – even the one remaining stripe is sometimes so narrow that you can squeeze only very slow progress. And often someone does and decides to go “against the grain”, although at this point the street is one-way.

Street Sibrevkoma in the area stokvartirny the house and Park in front of it. Here the same abandoned cars of people who came to the government building, the second number of protruding tails. A sign warning about the evacuation, especially anyone not afraid of.

On October near the house № 34 , the concentration of the offices of Rosgosstrakh, Rostelecom, shops, advertising agencies. To find a free place here almost impossible, the roadway narrowed to one lane – it is better to look for a place a block away.

Well, it is the intersection of Lenin and the Soviet, the “restaurant” crossroads of the city. The lack of space, Parking on pavements and the second row for lunch in the daytime it is better to find other places.

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