Mom, Wake up, we are burning!

Three weeks ago, on may 7, burned down two large private houses, two families lost everything. Early this morning they jumped out in night clothes, without hesitation, that their homes will burn to the ground.

Even after a few days after the fire on the street Chita restless in the air can still feel the smell of burning, the villagers excitedly once again plucked the events of that morning, and only a stray dog that has taken root in the street, blithely fawn upon every passer-by in the hope of finding the owner.

Before the fire, the family Denisenko lived in a two story house

Tatiana and Nikolai Denisenko along with his son Nicholas and his girlfriend lived in a two story house. On the night of 7 may, the parents returned home after midnight, together with his daughter Natalie, they were at the funeral of the brother of the head of the family in Kazakhstan. Natalia drove parents to Chita and hurried back to her. Elderly couple, tired after the road began to unpack the bags and immediately went to sleep. They did not know that just a few hours they will run out of a burning house with these bags and save documents.

“Brother Nicholas woke up at 5:30, brushed my teeth, went to drink coffee, from the kitchen window saw the fire, rushes out, and he flames at the door! He shouted: “Mom, Wake up, we’re on fire!”. His girl ran out in her nightie, mom still boots threw. Dad realized that we have gas heating, that now it bahnet, and we still have two empty container was – they exploded. Dad in his underpants ran out of gas spinning, realized with Nicky (bro. – D. Y.), that put out makes no sense, ran, the explosion occurred. Dad was days in intensive care, now he was transferred, the whole like a mummy rewound, burn 25% of the body. Brother also got burned, but he was in a t-shirt and dad naked completely”, – says Natalya. At the beginning of the conversation, the woman tries to remain calm, but after five minutes it harder to hold back the tears.

to Disassemble the burnt house family Marasovich helped the volunteers

According to his daughter Natalia, Tatiana Denisenko has health problems – recently, a woman received medical treatment, but due to stress back pressure surges

That could catch fire this early in the morning, when the family was still asleep? Experts pre-fire victims meet the standard: – circuit wiring. However, the victims refuse to believe in a version of the fire and make arguments why this is impossible.

“MOE says something was closed. It’s now our house is so ugly. We had copper wiring. If something is isolated, off the counters. But when mom took away the documents, the lights were on and the fire was in all Ivanovo! Now they will all be blamed on the wiring, because we had a water heater used in the winter. The experts arrived the next day. Asked stoked if we bath. And we have a tradition that anything on the Sabbath is not planned, we have no one to visit without calling, you know that we have a bath. The expert said it was probably a piece of coal. First, we heat with wood, and secondly, the bath drowned on Saturday, and caught fire on Monday. We have all the nerves, nick gave him a shovel and says “dig, I am sure that there is half the whole”. He dug, and everything is intact. “Well then, harness”” – emotionally said Natalia. Her mother Tatiana silently examines the ashes of the house – it seems that a woman goes through the eyes of every inch charred.

Two weeks later, after the fire, Natalia said that they refused to initiate criminal proceedings.

“I said that we are definitely short in the wire. I again told that the house lights were on. She (the investigator. – D. J.) interviewed my brother. Nine days later she again went to the facility to take the ashes. As I understand it, they only took wire on it and stuck. Although in the car she promised me that will work on all versions, including arson. Now they took out the resolution on refusal of institution of a criminal case in connection with the failure of the facts. Now we wait 30 days, laboratory examination,” commented may 21 Natalia.

Correspondent NGS sent a request about the reasons of the fire Department of the Main Directorate of MOE in the NSO, but the answer yet has not received.

Denisenko insist on the health of the wiring in your house

According to the version of the inhabitants of Chita, a fire accident could arrange tramps who often slept on the empty plot next door. According to them, the owner of this land died about a year ago, and my sister has not yet come into an inheritance: the homeless understand that no one is at home, and was regularly looking for overnight accommodation in the bath – the night of the pervomayets allegedly saw an outdoor party. People assume that someone of the tramps could not thinking to throw a cigarette butt. And then the spark came in the intended plot Denisenko – some neighbors say they saw how flushed it was there.

Now fire victims are waiting for the results of another examination

Weekend in the home of Tatiana and Nicholas going to the whole family: the daughter came in not just for a couple of hours to visit, she had her own room in the parental home everything was planned out – bath, Lunches, get-togethers.

“Only my mother on the anniversary I bought a new stove hood that she baked for all of us. The administration has proposed some housing in the Leninsky district, and then for a few nights. I did not listen, took all to yourself. All that is acquired 45-year-old joint lives of parents, all is lost” – a woman crying.

Natalia believes that the fire was not prepared for the fact that the flame will cover two houses

From the estate left only what was in the bags after a trip. Brother of Natalia managed to let the dog off the chain, and two cats are unable to escape.

Without housing there are four generations of the family of Larisa Dmitriyevna

But the flames did not stop at the house Denisenko, and was thrown over the fence into a neighboring house, where lived a big family pensioner Larisa Dmitrievna Mariasusai. She has three daughters, five grandchildren and two great-grandchildren – a woman jokes that early on a normal dinner with their children and sons-in-law in her room was about 17 people.

Maryasova wanted to renovate the house before selling, but in a fire nothing survived

Mariasusai was more than 200 sq m: spacious room, two kitchens, in the bedrooms, separate toilets, and under the house basement, which could fit a Billiards room and vegetable store. Just two months ago Larisa Dmitrievna put the house up for sale for 5 million – the woman wanted to split the money between children and grandchildren, and to add each in a separate housing.

“No man left sons-in-law muzzled – go there do go there do. That helped, all under fence left”, – bitterly sighs the owner of the house.

In the house at Mariasusai had two meals – for themselves and for young people

Before you put the house up for sale, Larissa Dmitrievna with her granddaughter started a small repair: stripped old Wallpaper, pulled up the old laminate to put in a new one, bought the materials – it all burned.

“In children the Windows were closed, and my airing. Sleep so well, the alarm for 6:15. I can not understand what is happening on the street – what if rain, hail, whether that cod is. Went to the window, and the neighbors the whole wall on fire. I let the Windows to whip, so the kids woke up, and there went one explosion, then another, and I do not think, the woman who ran the Central gas at shut off. And suddenly a fire, then the whole street will light up while running, didn’t think my house will also light up, and left without anything,” she recalls. In the ill-fated day, on may 7, it was dry and windy, the woman complains that the next day it was raining – he would go a day earlier, the house wouldn’t burn down.

Seeing the fire, people ran into the street in nightgowns and pajamas

Room granddaughter Marina and her son was on fire last there remained charred wardrobe, it burnt the shreds new leather jackets, boots all in black. The girl sadly goes through what was left of the wardrobe.

“I was shaking. And scared for herself and for the neighbors is terrible. I was hoping that we will not touch. We left, nothing was burning us. Had a chance to pull out these pants. Not only bought, they were happy. Recently bought a swing. Dreamed with her grandmother, that as well will be in the summer swing, the sun. Our son already goes to school the second day after the fire. Trouble trouble, but now the ignorant to stay? Year-end checklist it is necessary to learn” from experiences Marina jumps in conversation from topic to topic.

All that remains of a spacious living room, where he gathered together all 17 members of the family

According to the victims of the fire, firefighters arrived about half an hour after the flames broke out. “Firefighters arrived in two cars. The first had five minutes, she left and be done with it. With the second there sica, sica. When the fire has spread here, a young boy is running around confused, and then grabs the hose drops. Neighbors watered, Natasha’s husband, I watered. I run hysteria: “do something!”. Daughter phoned to emergency Department, out of the Soviet district drove the car and connected to desyatietazhki, but it’s really late” – says Larissa Dmitrievna.

“At 5:38, we went to the fire. Arrived at 5:57, location of the fire was at 7:20, the elimination of open burning at 7:30”, – reported earlier in the press service of the regional emergency Department.

The homeless and the neighbors were videotaped as extinguish a fire

Residents of the surrounding streets and shot fire on the smartphones the videos can be seen that the sleeves took the neighbors and helped rescuers put out the fire.

Now Larisa Dmitrievna’s crying, talking about people who have left them in the lurch

Now they huddle in the summer house of friends – their children were friends in childhood, having learned about the trouble Mariasusai, they offered to stay with her family there at least until autumn. In winter you need to look for something a little warmer, because in the summer house cool even now. So far this is the best option for the family.

“We were offered temporary accommodation in some boarding house in the Leninsky district. We explain: we’ve got kids here go to school, one-on-Sambo – still small, but already 12 medals, the second Cossack choir. We replied: “the Need itch, people have children and do not go to school””, – Larissa Dmitrievna recounts, went to the district administration.

The fire burned all winter clothes, books, according to daughter Catherine’s family are not in poverty, all tried for children – flames burned through the money that is deposited the children at sports camp, books, brand new gyrometer, a child’s Bicycle. One of the first in their distress responded Sambo Federation and the coach of her son Igor Mordvinov, trace came from the network belanich – stressed Ekaterina’t remember the exact name, suggests that they were called “Russian BALASHIKHI”.

Trash on the ashes to disassemble for a long time, say the owners of the burned houses

The ashes left a lot of garbage – debris helped to clean up volunteers, but work on the plot there is still a lot.

To live in temporary housing, the family will only be able to late summer. With the onset of cold weather they need a new warm housing

“The last time I had something that wherever you come – all roaring, roaring transport, no place is not inferior in the stores are rude. I was wondering where our world is heading, why is everyone so angry. And when in trouble, I must’ve cried every 15 minutes. Call the people offered to meet to understand if we are deceiving came, told people, they realize that the truth, held out his hand, saying, “Here, take”, the hand open – there is a five thousand. People unknown, a young guy in good clothes. So much linen brought children dressed brought even brand new things. How can you not cry? Even in his old age realized that let the Russian in life and can be rude, but there was a problem – no one is left out” – again crying Larissa Dmitrievna.

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