Owl Creek House is a Stunningly Beautiful Mountain Hideaway

Perched on the hillside of Snowmass Mountain, Colorado, Owl Creek House is a breathtaking retreat that’s perfect for design junkies and nature-lovers alike.

Step inside the ultimate Colorado mountain mansion.

Designed by the brilliant minds at Skylab Architecture in Portland, Oregon, this home is a two-family retreat designed to bring people together and «deepen the connections between friends, families and the natural world.»

Spread across 4,200 square feet, the rugged residence offers five bedrooms on two floors, lodge-like communal areas to hang out in together, and an overall luxurious mountain resort ambiance.

The main idea being the house was to make it feel like you’re still outdoors, so panoramic windows look out onto the mountains and allow endless natural light to filter in.

Because of the steep and mountainous terrain, the house was built to be supported by the landscape itself, with a triangular layout that’s anchored directly into the rock with steel supports.

«This all-weather mountain retreat is designed for recharging social relationships and renewing connections to the rugged Rocky Mountain landscape,» the designers conclude, proving this is the ultimate hideaway to spend quality time with people you care about, and with nature.

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