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Country Islands now have almost all hypermarkets. Boring rows of shovels side by side with colourful Windows, which lined up dolls garden and gazebo with deck chairs and umbrellas look so summery that the frozen Siberian even becomes somehow warmer.

Artificial greens in IKEA

IKEA in General has always surprised the original designers who have felt the pain of the Siberians, waiting for the leaves for months, and sell synthetic wicker herbs. It can be attached to the wall of the house in may and not wait until August, until these creepers creeping or grapes will please his appearance. Of these branched tiles you can lay out the pattern any shape any size – one costs 229 rubles (26 on 26).

Artificial cactus at IKEA

Cactus seem to be in fashion today. On display this plant in plastic, and porcelain, and natural. Moreover, the size of the cactus, of course, not in Mexico, but on two feet, quite meet. Maybe someone will serve as a extravagant decoration of the suburban area.

Plastic sinks in “Leroy Merlin”

Now practical. Sinks to the cottage is no longer a grey bucket with a hole, and quite civilized, we can say, plumbing. Plastic, even kitchen sink with a door – it’s all real.

Plastic rake in the “Auchan”

Plastic wash basin is very comfortable and as a street version better. But the plastic rake mistrust – as to step on them, they will break.

Boots for work in the garden – 882 of the ruble in the “Auchan”

Galoshes are in the neighborhood with rakes and pitchforks, which is logical. Mostly they are standard colors dull, at best (for someone like, of course) case, it will be camouflage coloring. But sometimes a ray of light in the darkness. In the “Auchan”, for example, among working shoes were bright boots mustard color (a mix of galoshes and quilted), which are also very light and with artificial fur. To walk in them after the patch.

Plastic bench in “Tape”

And again, plastic. This time the bench. They are usually wood or iron. Perhaps this is a novelty in the world of plastic furniture, which is almost unchanged since the first street cafes early 2000s.

Benches in “Leroy Merlin”

Benches, by the way, everywhere is full. In the “Auchan” there was a whole Department of wood furniture, and in “Leroy Merlin” built on the window benches resemble a train. Prices on benches in stores from 2 thousand rubles.

The tables in the “Colorline”

But even the most ordinary tables somehow, but improving, in any case, the patterns on them were much more fun.

Floor for the gazebo at IKEA

To separate the area of the gazebo (and it looks, of course, very comfortable), IKEA offers a street floor. However, the surface must be very smooth.

In the “Auchan” was “plodotvornym with telescopic handle”. This fixture, as indicated in the instructions, something like a big hand, which, for example, grabs an Apple from the tree and puts it in a bag. In may, of course, too early, but in August you can get from the pantry.

Garden doll – is generally a separate topic. Here and gnomes, and the frogs (again, next to the cactus) and the hut on chicken legs, mushrooms, penechki and much more. They are in the range of 500-1000 rubles.

Hut on chicken legs “Leroy Merlin”

By the way, the multi-colored army of dolls traders often build on the outskirts of the city – where there are more large specimens.

Kites in “Colorline”

There, on the outskirts of the city, a lot of kites, which are often right there and run. “Colorline” they huddled together in a pack and wait for buyers. Cost less than 100 roubles – a great way to take a running child.

If you thought it was too doll, you’d be wrong. According to the “Ribbon” – it’s a garden Scarecrow or a Scarecrow. Smiling with pigtails. Frightened, rather, fans of horror films.

The pool in the “Colorline” – 1990 rubles

Will this year summer is not yet clear. But the pools in the stores already. The cheapest (very young children) cost about 300 rubles.

On the stand with the seed among the radishes, parsley and marigold seeds was found mushrooms – milk mushrooms, aspen, boletus, honey agaric, and chanterelles. On the back detailed instructions on how to put them on the site, the kind of compost (for some, for example, you can use soil for indoor plants with a high content of peat). Harvest (aspen) promise 5 to 15 pieces per square meter per year.

Grill-deer in the “Colorline” worth 18 210rubles

Mushrooms need to wait, but the barbecue will be happy at any time. Cheap grills can still be found in all hypermarkets – about 100 rubles. But “walk” on artificial turf grill-deer in the “Colorline” leaves a lasting impression.


The flower turns his head, showering all around in your aquarium, appeared a few years ago. Thing comfortable, and cute. Though this process looks exciting – it seems that the flower can not escape from someone’s arms.

Hammock IKEA – 1499 rubles

Asian hammock looks strange to us, but to those who lay in it, will be quite comfortable. By the way, it is possible to hide from garden works.

Radio in retro style shop “Koloran”

And not to be bored, you can turn on the radio (optional radio “Dacha”). Apparently, therefore, the model of this device is a rack in the “garden” Department store.

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