Promised to come in Biysk on a yacht and take me to Jamaica

On the evening of 24 may at 23:00 from the fifth floor of a hostel of the Siberian state University of railway transport fell 19-summer Dmitry P. The investigative Committee already checks for the discovery of the body of the student.

According to students living in the dormitory Shops, Dmitri fell out of the window of the kitchen of the hostel. “We have a window that constantly generally always closed, – told the correspondent NGS student Anastasia. – But when the kitchen takes a long time, it is opened for just a moment. Yesterday the kitchen was badly burned and is literally a few minutes opened to ventilate”.

Kitchen Dorm on the fifth floor

“We were sitting in the room, heard a sound like a slap, really loud. Then the shouts. I went to look I saw the body… Then he drove the first ambulance, then the police. Police at all hours to three nights was,” recalls student Ivan.

In the hostel there is a rumor that the deceased had problems with school, but fellow students of Dmitry claim that it is not so Dmitry was more “average student”.

“I studied usual I tried a lot, – told the correspondent NGS student Ksenia Lonshakova. He wasn’t very sociable, so talking about his student life know nothing.”

According to the students, not so long ago Dmitry transferred from the faculty of uttk the faculty “Bridges and tunnels”.

“Modest, quiet, normally communicated with all, no one swore, – says Dmitry student uttk. – Then I was transferred to another faculty.”

Close friends tell Dmitri that he was born in Biysk, where he studied at the Biysk Lyceum. His mother works as a teacher, my father has his own business. Classmates at school called Dmitry almost brilliant mathematician.

“He was quite a private person, – says the graduate of the Biysk Lyceum Daniil Ivanov. – One of the smartest people in my life. Dreamed, can not say, alas. But if wanted, it wasn’t about something mundane”.

The hostel Shops, where he lived, Dmitry

Friends of the Lyceum remember that Dmitri sang well and played guitar. But it lasted, according to a close friend of the deceased Alexander Obukhov, until February 2016, when Dmitry was an accident: he nearly drowned in the pool, then it is “just barely saved”. Some time guy lay in a coma.

“After that, nothing was carried away, explains butts. He studied, studied. Early, Yes, played guitar. And after that, only studied and read. I read a lot, books are constantly buying. Very fond of fiction.”

According to Alexander, Dmitry recently joined the faculty of dreams – originally he didn’t have enough points for admission there, but then “step up”. While Dmitry had three, but only in the Humanities.

“He always said that the Humanities, it is not important – emphasizes butts. – Dmitry person uncommunicative, secretive. I’m one of the few people he actually talked.” According to Alexander, Dmitry never told him about any problems. Butts only knew that Dmitri got along very well with roommates in the Dorm. “They interfered to learn, listen to the music. But this is a minimal problem, and they were inconsequential to him,” explains Alexander.

Dmitry recently joined the faculty “Bridges and tunnels”

“It was a very bright and positive person, remembers the deceased, his close friend Anastasia Zarubina. – Always can support in any situation. He loved his little sister”.

According to the girl, Mr don’t smoke or drink – he “could have fun without any additional substances.”

“Dreams he was just absolutely exorbitant, says Zarubina. – He was a romantic and a mathematician. He promised to take me to Jamaica, on a yacht, on which he is working. Told you I would come for me in Biysk in a white suit and take me to Jamaica from Biysk”.

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