Ran away from childhood

May 25, again for thousands of schoolchildren in Novosibirsk last bell rang – this year 11th class graduated 7788 students in 213 schools in the city.

Before the solemn Assembly at school a proud mom taking pictures with his sons, who are above them on the head, and do not seem to believe that because you grew up, is the best photo of readers we have published online. Girls cuddling with teachers, those barely holding back the tears before the concert.

Fashion in the Soviet school uniform – a dark dress and white fancy apron gradually eroding, fewer classes choose it for a holiday. Schoolgirls often wear an ordinary bright blouse and dark skirt. But the school waltz still – unchanged tradition.

Secondary school No. 1 alumni prepared a concert for teachers and parents. Hall went into loud applause when one of the boys came on stage and said that he dedicated the next song to the teacher Oksana Anatolievna.

Tired of long lines and commencement speeches, the students traditionally go to lunch at KFC on Red Avenue – graduates here so that you can hold another concert. They lazily sipping soda and eating French fries, arguing about where to go in the evening.

Weather this year led the graduates: in the morning it was raining and the temperature did not rise above +10. Walk smartly with ribbons around the city, many did not dare, wrapped in a coat and a warm jacket – off the upper clothes in shop for photos and then hurry to get dressed.

But the weather did not spoil their mood – tape graduates was knitting directly on top of the jackets to be seen from a distance, who today walks.

Adulthood some graduates enter with gloss – riding in a limousine through the city center. Maybe it’s the analogy of new year’s luck “As meet, so spend it”? We wish them to work.

A year go, but the love of Sergey Zhukov and group “Hands up!” among high school girls is not quenched. And let the songs already older than the high school, it does not prevent them to sing unison on the first square of the eternal line “I am suffering from pain with his love, the photos in the album will remind of you”.

High school first love. While his classmates are noisy and a Joker of the crowd, timid couples in love strolling along the seafront, tenderly holding hands.

The closer the evening, the more companies are going near famous monuments – the Monument of Glory come to go to celebrate further.

And someone is after 14:00 was not to mention in the center.

Updated waterfront attracts graduates here away from the eyes of adults they are going to classes, dancing, rapping, and just sitting on the brand new tile.

On his last day of childhood students went to ride the carousel and happy, not hiding emotions.

And already on may 28, graduates will begin the real test is on Monday for those who chose computer science and geography, will pass the exam. We recently made a test of real jobs use – try to answer 15 questions on the five most popular items.

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