This LG Laser Projector Casts Wall-Sized Ultra HD Images From Inches Away

LG’s newest projector can make your entire living room wall a 4K screen from almost point-blank range thanks to what the appliance giant calls «Ultra Short Throw» (UST) technology.

From just two inches away, the CineBeam Laser 4K can project a 90-inch image. The screen size jumps up to a massive 120 inches when placed seven inches away from a wall, and the images are as crisp as can be.

LG has further details:

Delivering 2,500 ANSI lumens and 4K UHD resolution, LG CineBeam Laser 4K ensures exceptionally bright and clear images and superb black level, enhancing the viewer’s sense of immersion.

LG model HU85L can reproduce highly accurate colors courtesy of its wide color gamut, which further increases the realism of every picture displayed.

The CineBeam is more than a big screen in a compact package. LG’s built-in webOS 4.5 and ThinQ AI offer convenient access to Netflix, Hulu and other 4K streaming services, as well as projector controls.

Visit the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas to see the LG Laser 4K for yourself from January 8-11, and head to LG’s website for further details.

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