The Mercedes-Benz ‘Monster X’ Is A 6×6 Carbon Fiber Pickup Truck

As if Carlex Design’s six-wheeled take on the Mercedes X-Class wasn’t awesome enough, the European builders have created an even more menacing version of the luxury German automaker’s first-ever pickup truck.

Carlex’s newly formed Pickup Design studio conceptualized the EXY Monster X Concept as a track-ready version of the EXY 6×6, both of which boast a third axle.

But the lowered body of the «Monster» is made entirely of lightweight carbon fiber covered in black paint and contrasting yellow accents. The colors’ eye-popping effect is especially noticeable in this aerial view of the bed.

The brute is also equipped with features befitting of a track safety vehicle, including ceramic-carbon disc brakes, additional external lighting and two winches at the front and rear.

Though a press release published on Motor 1 doesn’t mention any upgrades to the X-Class’ stock 255-hp, 3-liter V6, we wouldn’t be surprised to see it get a juiced-up power plant in later design stages.

Let’s hope this «Monster» actually gets made.

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