This Ultra-Thin Wireless Mechanical Keyboard Is Being Heralded As a ‘Typist’s Dream’

It just FEELS better.


A California tech startup is merging the satisfyingly tactile feel of mechanical keystrokes with high-tech features found on current-gen keyboards.

The Keychron K1 wireless mechanical keyboard started life on Kickstarter with a modest $10,000 fundraising goal. In just one month, 3,946 backers pledged an astounding $328,523 to bring the device to fruition.

Now available for purchase online, Keychron heralds their creation as a «typist’s dream.» The company meticulously tested 5 different switches over the course of a year before deciding on 7.6mm Blue switches that are 48 percent slimmer than conventional options.


That may sound trivial, but the resulting product is an ultra-thin 18mm keyboard that requires less force and finger travel to operate. Those who type every day should experience less fatigue in the long run.


As for that current-gen tech, the Keychron is cross-compatible with Mac, Windows and Android operating systems and includes a dedicated key to activate Apple’s Siri or Microsoft’s Cortana voice assistants. Another button takes a screenshot in one stroke.


It also looks pretty cool thanks to an RGB backlight with four adjustable levels and 18 different color effects. Connected via Bluetooth, the li-polymer battery will last 10 hours. If that’s not long enough, you can always plug it in to a USB port for a wired connection.

The Keychron K1 comes in 87-key and 104-key configurations, which cost $84 and $94 respectively. A second 87-key version is available with a color-less LED backlight for $74.


Head to their website to learn more or place an order.

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