Hit the Trails on Diamond Atelier’s Marvel-Inspired ‘Groot’ BMW Scrambler

Find your inner superhero on this otherworldly off-road beast.

Groot BMW Scrambler Promo

Diamond Atelier

Diamond Atelier’s latest custom bike series is inspired by one of Marvel’s most beloved superheroes, the badass tree creature with the limited vocabulary from Guardians of the Galaxy.

The «Groot» BMW scrambler represents a departure from the blingy cafe racers the German shop has made before, e.g. a 24 karat gold-wrapped Ducati Monster 1200R.

Groot BMW Scrambler (3)

Diamond Atelier

This off-roading machine is made for the unbeaten path. Diamond Atelier started with a 248-type R65 donor model and overhauled the engine with an 860cc PowerKit performance package from BMW tuning house Siebenrock to maximize power.

Groot BMW Scrambler (4)

Diamond Atelier

The unique «Groot» pattern on the gas tank was painted by artist Viktoria Greiner from Vaim.me, while Motogadget provided the Bluetooth-enabled m.unit micro-controller, CNC-machined grips and side mirrors made from brushed aluminum instead of glass.

Other upgrades include black anodized forks, double disk brakes and a pair of Mikuni TM36-31 carburetors. A set of 17-inch «Snowflake» rims and knobby tires earn it the scrambler designation.

Groot BMW Scrambler (1)

Diamond Atelier

But the best part is that, unlike so many other custom motorcycles, you can actually order the «Groot» for just over $25,000.

Groot BMW Scrambler (2)

Diamond Atelier

Head to Diamond Atelier’s website to learn more.

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