This 500hp Matte-Black Plymouth ‘Kuda’ Is a Savage Powerhouse

A bad boy fit for the “Mad Max” universe.


Aaron Beck

Weta Workshop isn’t a household name but you’ve seen their work in Lord of the Rings, Avatar, and Elysium. With a special effects pedigree that includes his work for Weta, then, designer Aaron Beck has a kind of carte blanche to put his mind to whatever he thinks is cool. Like this killer pet project, the Kuda.


Aaron Beck

It was born a 1973 Plymouth Barracuda, but inspiration from his work on Mad Max Fury Road led Beck to put this intense matte-black finish on the Kuda’s stripped-down chassis and jump under the hood to kick ass with its already potent V8.


Aaron Beck

So-Beck’s Kuda has 500hp worth of get up and go and pulls 444 fp torque. All of this within a design that is deceptively light (for a Plymouth Barracuda, anyway) due to Beck’s stripping away all cabin amenities, leaving just a driver’s seat and roll cage.


Aaron Beck

Learn more about the Kuda, Beck, and his other projects here: AaronBeck.com.

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