‘Platform 1346’ is an Authentic World War II Train Car Turned Airbnb

This former military workhorse is now a luxury vacation getaway.


(Photo: Tayler Smith)

Here’s a unique vacation rental that’s truly unlike anything you’ve ever seen before: Platform 1346-a World War II troop kitchen train car turned luxe Airbnb.

Platform1346_4 (1)

(Photo: Tayler Smith)

Constructed in 1942, the car served US Army cooks throughout WWII until it was decommissioned in 1955, after which it was turned into a mobile command car for the Strategic Air Command during the Cold War.


(Photo: Tayler Smith)

The train car ended its military service in 1988 and sat in a US Army train yard in Florida until 2005, when it was bought by a Lieutenant Colonel at a military surplus auction.


(Photo: Tayler Smith)

After being hauled to the foothills of the Great Smoky Mountains in Knoxville, Tennessee, it was converted into a home, but a divorce led the property to sit unused until it was sold to its current owners in 2016.


(Photo: Tayler Smith)

Now, the train car sits on six acres of serene land with a fish pond and fire pit, and features wifi, a large claw foot bathtub, queen sized bed and pull out sofa bed, and enough space to accommodate four people.


(Photo: Tayler Smith)


(Photo: Tayler Smith)

«After 8 months of construction, plumbing, and electrical work, we opened for business as a vacation rental on January 1, 2018,» says owner Dean Smith. «To date, we have hosted over 60 guests and are always rated a solid 5 stars and given glowing reviews. It was a labor of love that really paid off.»


(Photo: Tayler Smith)

Interested? You can book the Platform 1346 WWII Train Car right here on Airbnb.

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