Dog Snapchats show pooches doing the funniest things

Some of the perfectly-timed pictures show dogs with very amusing expressions on their faces, especially when they’ve done something naughty.

Others show that pooches aren’t always the brightest spark – with one dog described as ‘athletically challenged‘ as he tried, and failed, to catch a ball.

Dogs can do the funniest – and most unexpected things, as all owners know.

And now a selection of the best Snapchats featuring pooches have been shared in an online gallery.

Meanwhile, a number of the adorable snaps prove that dogs really are a man’s best friend…

A selection of the best dog Snapchats have been shared online. This rottweiler had an adorable expression on his face when the owner’s grandma visited

This mischievous German shepherd somehow managed to get himself stuck in the fish tank

Meanwhile, this dog seemed to resemble his namesake in this perfectly-timed snap

A hilarious picture shows a dog trying and failing to catch a ball  with his paws – but somehow managing to hold it on his chest

One adorable snap shows dogs creating a very comfortable looking ‘fur pit’ on the sofa

Some of the dogs got up to very naughty things. This pooch looked positively delighted that he’d managed to chew up the control

Another super cute snap appears to show a dog sleeping on a black pillow. On closer inspection, it’s actually another dog

Some of the pooches were pictured doing very unexpected things. One dog was seen carrying around his friend in a basket, while at a grooming spa

Another pooch came back with a  potato, instead of the ball that the owner had thrown

One adorable dog was pictured carrying her favourite cushion – that closely resembles her own fur

Sometimes dogs will look at you in a way that other humans won’t – as illustrated by this adorable picture

This pooch meanwhile looked positively proud following a visit to the vets, despite needing to wear a funnel

Another naughty dog managed to get into the sweet jar – gathering a selection of twizzlers

This dog used his best puppy eyes look on his owner after he told him that playtime was over

This pooch meanwhile pulled an extremely comical expression while his owner tried to take a picture of the scenery

These adorable puppies looked like they were having a business meeting as they gathered around a wooden stool

This dog was very excited about going for a walk – as his amazing facial expression makes clear

Meanwhile, this pooch appeared to have a rather sheepish look on his face after breaking wind

This dog and cat appeared to make friends as they stared at each other through the window

Meanwhile, this pooch looked absolutely terrified about going through the car wash

Another pooch clearly seems to have a favourite owner – looking thoroughly disappointed after realising it was just the husband coming home

This dog meanwhile was eagerly anticipating the ball being thrown, as his wide eyes show

And this pooch showed off his ability to roll his tongue in an adorable snap – with the owner describing it as ‘probably the best photo I will ever take in my life’

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