Funny mummy takes the mickey out of celebrity selfies

Why can’t I have Bella Hadid’s BMI (if not her IQ)?

Do you ever stare at the selfies that celebs post online and wail: Why can I not walk in stilettos across cobbles like Cara Delevingne, instead of staggering around like Dick Emery?

Reality star Kendall Jenner, left, is posing in pink. Celeste, right, is giving her the bird

How on earth does Victoria Beckham extend her right leg at a 90-degree angle to her body and keep a straight face?’

Rihanna displays a perfect beach bod, left, if no sense of irony, while Celeste is in need of a life guard

Beyonce is able to float above water, left, but Celeste is about to make more of a splash

Celeste, a 35-year-old comedienne and mother-of-four, first had the idea of becoming her own downward-dogging doppelganger two years ago

Dear readers, please take heart. These people might do selfies, but they sure as hell don’t do self-aware, and luckily, as a sort of 21st Century answer to Spitting Image, a very funny saviour has now burst on to the internet to prick the balloon (and squash the pink flamingos) of their over-plump faces by posing in a selection of parodies that expose the yacht-frequenting, non-carb-eating A-list for the humourless narcissists they really are.

Celeste Barber, a 35-year-old comedienne and mother-of-four, first had the idea of becoming her own downward-dogging doppelganger two years ago, when she posed as Kim Kardashian et al, then sent the photos to her sister, who persuaded her to share them with a wider audience on Instagram.

Her following quickly mushroomed to 2.5 million fans, who are now more able to be at home with their own muffin tops as Barber apes a constantly evolving roster of preening posers, including her favourite targets the Kardashians, and a wide range of stick- thin supermodels.

Katy Perry expertly performs the crab, while Celeste prompts two small onlookers to ask: ‘Why does Mummy drink?’

Supermodel Bella Hadid, left, shows the love – Celeste remembers yesterday’s lunch

Model Gigi Gorgeous, above, likes a balanced life while Celeste struggles to hold on

Barber’s fame has landed her a TV series in her native Australia but, more importantly, she has become a feminist icon, though this is something she never set out to do.

She says: ‘It was always, like, this is how celebrities get out of the pool and I’m like, “No, this is how you get out of the pool…”

‘I get miffed with fashionistas thinking they are better than other people.’ Amen to that.

Liz Jones joins the fun with daft double takes of poser Posh

Victoria Beckham got 182,379 likes when she posed in Estee Lauder Powerfoil, left, while Liz dreams of roast chicken in a cut-price Tesco version

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