Kristina Rihanoff speaks candidly about being 40

The Strictly Come Dancing Star, now 40, who has little girl Mila with Ben Cohen, spoke candidly to MailOnline about how she’s happy she became a parent later in life when she was ‘mentally’ ready for it – and says she feels sexier and more confident now than she did in her youth.

She celebrated a milestone birthday last month and Kristina Rihanoff, who fell pregnant at 38, is keen to encourage other women to embrace being a mature woman and parent.

The professional Russian dancer, who is dating former England rugby player Cohen, said that despite knowing she always wanted a family, she put it on hold for the sake of her career.

Kristina Rihanoff has spoken candidly to MailOnline about being a 40 plus mother and says she’s proud of her ‘little baby pouch‘ as she models her new fashion range

Be a lady in red like Kristina in a dress from her own collection

Kristina Rihanoff might not be a pro on Strictly Come Dancing anymore, but she hasn’t been resting on her laurels for the last year or so. Not only has she welcomed her adorable daughter Milena into the world, she’s also found the time to design her very own clothing collection!

It’s for Pia Michi, which isn’t a huge surprise since the brand is her go-to for big occasions. And if this red hot dress is anything to go by, we want one of everything!

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‘My career took me from a small city in Russia all over the world. I wanted to the best dancer I could be and it took a lot of hard work and dedication.

‘I don’t regret having a family later in life as I could never say that I sacrificed my career for a family. I also feel that it happened at the right time when I was mentally ready for it,’ she said.

Kristina also believes that having a baby now has helped her to feel ‘young and energised’ – and welcoming a baby has totally shifted her priorities.

‘It’s all about my family and my child and I want to look and feel good for them,’ said Kristina.

The star has little girl Mila with Ben Cohen and says she was ‘mentally’ ready for childbirth in later life and feels sexier and more confident now than she did in her youth

‘I don’t regret having a family later in life as I could never say that I sacrificed my career for a family’ she said


‘Losing weight was hard as you don’t have a metabolism of a 20-year-old. I was breastfeeding for about six months so I couldn’t diet and I wanted to lose weight a healthy way.

‘I went to yoga first (I am a qualified hot yoga instructor and have been practicing yoga for 18 years) and then started dancing.

‘It took me a good 12 moths to lose the baby weight and I am probably never going to be the same shape as before but it’s OK. I am a mum now and I am proud of my little baby pouch’

The svelte star has even recently curated her own fashion range to help ladies like her look and feel their best.

Discussing the inspiration behind her range with PiaMichi couture, she said: ‘I really wish that the taboo about women at 40 not being able to dress like the younger generation – or perhaps not make new career choices – would go away.

’40 isn’t the new 30 or 20, 40 is just a great age and women should not shy away from saying that they are 40.

‘It’s still a young age and loads of wonderful things can still come into our lives.’

Indeed, Kristina has aspirations of becoming a creative director or choreographer on a TV show and credits Ben for helping support their family and her career, adding: ‘Ben is an incredible dad.

‘He is very hands-on and very loving and caring. I couldn’t do anything like my fashion line or the dance tours without his support.’

Kristina and Ben met on the dance show and she credits him for helping support their family and her career

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