Medieval paintings given funny Snapchat captions

Whether it’s mocking contemporary makeup trends or the everyday problems that Millennials face, these Medieval reactions perfectly encapsulate modern life.

The Middle Ages have been given a modern makeover with some VERY amusing Snapchat captions to capture the everyday problems Millennials encounter

A Snapchat account that hilariously pairs modern situations with their Middle Ages art counterpart has got the internet in stitches.

Witty social media users have treated medieval paintings to a modern makeover with some hilarious captions.

The medieval artwork has been given an amusing spin thanks to the hilarious captions that witty Snapchat users have come up with

If life is getting too much for you, casting your eyes over these satirical Snapchats is sure to make you feel better about things

Some of the images have been given an added dose of humour with the help of modern song lyrics

The medieval paintings have been given a modern makeover with these hilarious snapchat captions

Using medieval characters and imagery, these Snapchats perfectly encapsulate modern day woes

While much of the art probably had different intended connotations, the modern day Snapchat user has given the work a new meaning

Famous paintings have been given a dose of hilarity thanks to the witty captions they’ve been treated to

The vintage artwork has also been used to poke fun at modern political problems

The paintings and the captions they’re paired with also poke fun at people’s everyday emotions

Snapchat users have zoomed into particular people in these classical paintings to find a funny element

The captions used on the somewhat bizarre paintings also poke fun at modern day diet trends

The laugh-out-loud captions convey scenarios that everyone has experienced

Famous paintings have been used to capture modern day scenarios that every Millennial will relate to

The amusing Snapchats have been shared in an online gallery – and are leaving the internet in stitches

The sidesplitting memes are sweeping the internet, with people saying they can really relate to them

The classic pictures have been turned into hilarious modern day memes

Many of the paintings help sum up the everyday emotions of single people

Anyone who has been trapped on a plane with a screaming baby will relate to this meme

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