Vegan Fritz Hortsmann transformed his body and gained

Fritz Hortsmann, 20, from Berlin, Germany, has always been confident in his body but was struggling to achieve the muscular physique he wanted.

A fitness fanatic has revealed how he transformed his body by going vegan.

But after switching to a plant-based diet, the gym-goer was able to gain three stone in muscle and completely change the way he looked.

He is now sharing his story to help others who want to go vegan too.

Transformation: Fritz Horstmann, 20, from Berlin, Germany, gained muscle after going vegan

Fit and toned: Fritz credits his vegan lifestyle for helping him bulk up at the gym

He said: ‘I always get asked: “Don’t you lack protein because you need meat to build muscle?”

‘Most of them are surprised and people that know me or see me wouldn’t associate me with being vegan, maybe it’s because I’m tall, pretty big and have a good presence and people think vegans are limps.’

Before going vegan, Fritz weighed 11st 11lbs and relied on a combination of protein and dairy as fuel for his gym workouts, often skipping vegetables completely. He now weighs 14st 13lbs and said his gains are pure muscle.

Before and after: Fritz shared this split picture showing the difference a year made

Boost: The gym-goer said he was always proud of his body but is now even more confident. Pictured, Fritz as a teenager in 2012 (left) and after going vegetarian last year (right)

He re-examined his diet after reading How Not To Die by Dr Michael Greger.

Fritz continued: ‘I caught myself eating exactly the unhealthy animal foods he researched, finding out that they are really bad for our health.

‘I decided I wanted to live longer and have a happier and more fulfilling life and went vegetarian and shortly afterwards vegan. After seeing the environmental and animal-saving benefits, there was no going back.’

Fritz admitted he initially struggled with knowing what to eat but eventually settled on a varied diet.

Hard work: Fritz complements his diet with weights sessions at the gym, pictured

Results: The 20-year-old is now happy to show off his toned and muscular physique

He said: ‘I eat all kinds of plant foods ranging from quinoa to the occasional vegan faux meat and a lot more fruit and greens than before I went vegan.

‘I know that I provide my body with the right nutrients, so it can thrive and I’m creating a much brighter future for me and for the environment.

‘You know the feeling after eating greasy fries or a McDonalds Burger? I just don’t want to feel that way after eating, my body basically glows from the inside with all the good, plant-based food.’

He explained that the basis of building muscle is the same for vegans and omnivors.

He added: ‘My advice for people wanting to try veganism is to find knowledgeable people on the internet, read about all the benefits, inform yourself which supplements you need to use, go slow or cold turkey, totally depends on you.

‘If you want to do it slowly, then cut out eggs and dairy first, meat at the end. You can either do vegan days, three to four days a week working your way up or replacing dinner everyday with a vegan option.’

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