Intel and amd will work together to conquer the market of discrete graphics

The first video card, created as part of the Project Canis initiative, was named AMD Radeon RX Canis. The graphics processor of the novelty consists of two 400 mm2 crystals, combined with the analog of Infinity Fabric, used in AMD Ryzen processors.

At the disposal of each chip there are 60 control units (Control Units), containing a total of 10240 stream processors.

Thanks to the use of the improved 10-nm process technology Intel new GPU operates at a nominal frequency of 1800 MHz and is capable of automatically accelerating to 2441 MHz. The memory subsystem is represented by 32 gigabytes of HBM4, characterized by a record throughput of 4 TB / s.

The nominal heat package of the novelty is declared at 350 W, an additional power source is connected through three 8-pin PCI-E Power connectors, and the “raw” computing power of the device reaches 50 Tflops.

Taking into account the hype around the production of crypto-currency and how zealously the “cyber-stars” sweep off the current models of graphics accelerators from the shelves, AMD and Intel decided to sell the Radeon RX Canis directly to gamers by linking the purchase to Steam accounts.

On each account you can buy one such video card, the recommended cost of the novelty is $ 999.

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