25 Gifted Retailers for 2015

PBM Strategic Insights & Research, November 17, 2015

Gifted RetailersStores in this year’s Gifts and Decorative Accessories 25 Gifted Retailers cover a wide range of shops, regions and income level. Our Gifted Retailers are not based on how much they make or how many stores they have.

It’s based on what they bring to their customers, whether through product mix, community-based events or customer service that just can’t be beat. This year’s retailers hail from 17 states, go from new to 25+ years in business, and cover many store types, from gourmet to gift to lifestyle.

This list is by no means comprehensive, nor is it a ranking. Many more than the 25 retailers listed here are strong retailers within their communities.

Because sales volumes are of interest, Gifts and Decorative Accessories provides sales estimates for all companies.

All sales figures and ranges are Gifts and Decorative Accessories market research estimates and are for total 2014 store sales, which may include revenues from the sale of products other than gifts and accessories. All sales figures and store counts are for the calendar year 2014. Gifts and Decorative Accessories chooses not to include some companies due to lack of verification of revenue figures.

Gifts and Decorative Accessories compiled this report by surveying independent retailers, researching business newspaper archives and speaking with gift industry insiders. Information was gathered, compiled and analyzed by Gifts and Decorative Accessories’ research department.

For the complete 15-page report, see the November 2015 print issue of Gifts and Decorative Accessories, or click here for the exclusive electronic edition.

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