Accessory Business in Benefit of Humanitarian and Refugee Crisis

Based virtually in the Manhattan borough of New York City, Maiya Kim and Yudhisty Saridjo announced the opening of their jewelry and accessory shop-Saridjo-in May, 2017. Saridjo was founded by the sisters with a passion for sharing symbolic, cultural and fashionable jewelry in the U.S.

By providing unique products with cultural heritage, the sisters are able to give back to charity and humanitarian causes around the world.

Inspired by world culture and fashionable jewelry, the Saridjo sisters open their online jewelry and accessory business in the U.S.

The two founders are applying their skills and past experience to this new jewelry venture. Maiya has extensive business knowledge while Yudhisty has over ten years of fashion accessories design experience. Together they have formed a unique and culturally rich business in the fashion industry and focus on creating stylish accessories for women everywhere.

The jewelry and accessories they design come from inspirational, emotional, and cultural ties to North Africa, the Middle East and South East Asia. Customers will find that most of Saridjo’s products center on the Evil Eye and Hamsa Hand collections. These two collections are the focal point for Saridjo’s affordable fashion accessories because of the founders’ international experiences from the region.

The Evil Eye collection comes from an expansive history of early Mediterranean civilizations. They were once considered a bad omen in ancient culture, but today they are popularized as protective charms against misfortune and bad luck in both Middle Eastern and Western cultures. The Hamsa Hand collection also has a deep history in the region and is used in tandem with the Evil Eye as symbols of hope and peace in the modern world.

Both Maiya and Yudhisty take inspiration from the message of the Evil Eye and Hamsa collections. As part of their commitment to a more hopeful and peaceful world, the sisters-through Saridjo-share some of their proceeds to humanitarian charities around the world. One such passion is for the world refugee crisis and the families and citizens that could use more peace in their lives.

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