Flameless Candle Companies Luminara and Liown Join Forces

Operating as L&L Candle Company, LLC, the joint venture will maintain current brand identities, properties and portfolio offerings including Luminara, Liown Moving Flame, Matchless Candle Co., Lightli, and Bethlehem Lights.

Retail partners will immediately have access to a broader range of products and value propositions.

Leaders in the flame-effect & moving-flame candle market, Luminara Worldwide, LLC and Liown Electronics Co., Ltd. are embarking on a joint venture, which will end years of legal battles over the companies flame-effect and moving-flame patents.

Soon, retail partners will also have the added benefit of ease and consistency of working with an integrated supply-chain. Mike Li, Managing Member of Liown and Mike O’Shaughnessy, Managing Member of Luminara, were united in their enthusiasm and support for the joint venture.

Newly appointed L&L Candle Company CEO, Johnny Yang, says “Independently, we were the undisputed leaders of the flameless candle category. Together, the joint venture will bring a single-minded and focused determination to bring best-in-class products and services to our retail partners. Among other things, we will do this by expanding future product lines, investing heavily into R&D and design, establishing a seamless supply-chain and protecting our combined 100-plus domestic and international patents and patent applications.”

As the companies restructure under the new joint venture, both are committed to an orderly, well-communicated, mindful transition to best serve partners and the internal teams. Business for both companies will operate as usual until changes are clearly communicated and implemented.

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