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The GDA Editors searched high and low throughout the Dallas Market Center June 21-23 for the latest fashions across all the giftable categories.

Here are 10 trends from the 2017 Dallas Total Home and Gift Market that retailers should definitely have in their stores as we head into the next shopping season.

With reds such as burgundy, scarlet and crimson trending, plaid is making its way onto the scene across all categories. Fashion-wise, purses and shawls are covered in the timeless print and paired with leathers, tassels and metal embellishments.

Plaid Fad

Plaid holiday décor adds a certain sense of warmth to the home, especially combined with upbeat holiday phrases such as “fa la la la la,” jingle bells and Christmas evergreens.  As the fall shopping season slowly approaches, warm plaids and wools are accenting outfits and draped across sofas for a special touch of autumn bliss.

Pithy Remarks

Silly accolades, cute “I love you” sentiments and pithy remarks about dad were prominent in the home and gift categories. These types of products allow for self-expression and freedom, a major trend amongst Millennials, so it is no surprise that they are trending right now.

In home décor, these witty remarks made their way onto the front of pillows and tea towels, adding a great conversational piece to the room. Witty phrases bring humor to gifts, especially gifts for him.

Hats, mugs, frames and coasters with these words will bring smiles to the faces of dad, husband or uncle this year. Pavilion’s Pithy remarks were accented by masculine colors for a gift set ideal for Father’s Day, birthdays and other giftable occasions.

Patchwork Party

Mixed prints, brightly colored patterns and badges are all a part of a new statement trend that we are coining “patchwork.” This design trend is fun and upbeat and can be found across the categories in jackets, purses, pillows, wall decor and more.

With the recent spike in cultural and geographic inspirations in fashion and design, patchwork pieces bring bold diversity to the home or outfit, making them great statement pieces.  Crafty folk-art inspired patchwork also makes for unique gifts, as, in most cases, two pieces will never be the same. One example of the popular trend is Kalalou’s mirror with patchwork brim and Treska’s denim shirts with badges.

A Fruitful Farmhouse

Farmhouse and barnyard themes are back, especially in home décor and inspirational art! As Pamela Collins, from Collins, said, “Farmhouse is where we got our start (22 years ago), and now it’s come back full circle.”

From cow and rooster pillows by Midwest CBK to Collins’ new Farmhouse wall art, to Two’s Company’s Farmstead line of aprons, bags and tea towels with vegetable prints, the center of Dallas felt more like a back-country road. Taking a twist on the country theme were also several companies choosing a honeycomb theme-after all, there are bee farms, too! Root Candle even introduced a new honeycomb-shaped package and display for its beeswax candles.

The Essentials

All natural everything-natural is a trend in itself. So, it comes as no surprise that essential oils are still standing strong in the bath and body category. However, these natural enhancers are also making their way into the gourmet category, adding fragrance to teas and zest to baked goods.

We took notice of the essential oils being used in several products, including Serenity Tea Sips’ loose leaf teas, Jane Inc.’s Essential Oil Mists for a stress-free shower and McEvoy Ranch’s organic blends of live and jojoba oils.

Blue Beckons

Blue china is an age-old classic in tabletop and doesn’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon. From tabletop to bath-and-body containers and bathroom décor, the blue-and-white design flourished. We saw both traditional designs, as well as a new trend of modernizing the blue china with more up-to-date, casual twists like feather patterns and wooden elements. Floor 9’s collection is a perfect example of the popular trend. Their large wooden bowl was spruced up with an interior of blue-and-white, tie-dye porcelain, and their wooden serving tray sported a glazed, blue-and-white plaid insert.

Other companies following the trend included Certified International, with their more traditional Blue Indigo by Bronson Pinchot collection (nicely mixed and matched with different patterns-which is on trend), as well as their playful blue china collection, which was designed with birds, feathers and the words “believe” and “dream.”

Natural Stones and Geodes

Earth elements are making a comeback in the style of exposed stone, from the more polished pattern of geodes to the more rustic look of freeform crystals. The look extended into wine stoppers, home décor, letter openers, jewelry, candle holders and more. Midwest CBK’s geode coasters were displayed in four fun colors and highlighted the beauty and mystery of nature. Goetz Inc. had several natural stone items, including bold candle holders inspired by cave-like crystal formations and more subtle glass containers with the pattern of geodes merely painted on. There were also dozens of displays of jewelry with natural stones, like 2 Chic’s bracelet line and necklaces. Tozai’s home décor incorporated geode displays, too.

Mixed Metals Mania

Warm metals- silver, yellow gold and rose gold- add glamor and elegance to home décor and fashion. One trend that is definitely contrary to the usual is the mixing of these metals. For a while now, it’s been a fashion faux pas to wear both gold and silver at the same time, or to feature the two in the same room.

However, with design trends leaning more towards balance versus coordination, these mixed metal pieces are making a statement.

Candle holders, table toppers and vases that feature these mixed metals are rustic, but still glamorous. Outfits that are accessorized with mixed metal necklaces, bangles earrings make a daring fashion statement, like Anju’s handcrafted arm cuffs, bangles and rings.

Feather Flustered

Everywhere we turned, there was another item with a feather pattern, which makes us think this is the new pineapple and cacti for the coming year. The popular design highlighted jewelry, bags, pillows, magnets and even wall art. The Hygge collection showcased at Two’s Company included pillows, plates and home décor with the whimsical pattern in earth tones. The Native-American style design also flew into Demdaco coffee cups and coasters; Floor 9 serving bowls and pillows; Jilzarah clay necklaces, bracelets and earrings; Wilco Imports metal red, white and blue magnets; Midwest CBK trinket dishes; and the Jen Hatmaker jewelry collection by Glory Haus.

New Nautical

No market would be complete without a nautical theme. Sometimes it’s mermaids; sometimes it’s anchors. This time, the proliferate design took the shape of octopi and whales, like in Floor 9’s wine stoppers, Jelly Cat’s stuffed animals, Beatrix New York’s backpacks and stainless steel kids’ water bottles, and Two’s Company’s whale serving tray, whale butter dishes and octopus pillow.

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