High Point Market and Fashion Snoops Announce Strategic Partnership

Fashion Snoops, a global creative agency that helps brands and companies harness future trends, announces a new partnership with High Point Market Authority, organizer of the world’s largest home furnishings trade show.

This new strategic relationship will give retailers, designers, and manufacturers valuable perspectives on cultural trends, empowering them to more accurately forecast upcoming consumer wants and needs.

Attendees at the Fall 2017 High Point Market (October 14-18) will be able to access an exclusive Fashion Snoops Trend Guide containing comprehensive culture reports and trend directions. Fashion Snoops will also provide buying and forecasting information through the High Point Market Authority website and during a presentation delivered during the October market. Buyers, interior designers and manufacturers will be able to capitalize on exclusive Fashion Snoops information to make better purchasing decisions. The presentation dates, times and location will be announced by High Point Market Authority.

Tom Conley, Market Authority President and CEO, said, “We are thrilled to partner with Fashion Snoops again and be able to share these in-depth trend reports with High Point Market attendees. Their cultural and home trend expertise will allow our attendees to develop an even more in-depth understanding of upcoming trends, which will give them a real competitive edge.”

“The home furnishings sector is learning how to embrace and make use of trend forecasting information,” said Jaye Anna Mize, Creative Director for Fashion Snoops home division. “It is no longer a guessing game, our research tracks consumer behavior and cultural trends allowing our software to analyze and connect the dots from cultural influence to product innovation providing quicker sell through for manufacturers and retailers alike.”

“Traditionally, fairs and trade show producers serve manufacturers and buyers during the events they create, High Point Market Authority is quite different; they supply their customers with valuable information year-round,” said Boyd Tasker, CEO of Tasker International and advisor to Fashion Snoops. “As the leading global forecasting company, Fashion Snoops trend reports have been a missing resource for the home goods industry globally. After 7 years in the home arena, we’re happy that High Point Market Authority is leading the endeavor to provide buyers with pre-market cultural information that will help companies excel through innovation, improve profitability and most importantly – educate buyers based on what will be trending in the months and years ahead per cultural shifts so that they will have a strategic advantage to remain or become tomorrow’s social influencers.”

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