Ideas in the Purse, Flair for the Desk and Bamboo on the Table

Working at Gifts and Decorative Accessories is like living every day as a holiday. Searching for the latest new products feels a lot like shopping, and receiving samples in the mail feels a lot like our birthdays. We love what we do.

(L-R) Anne-Marie Earl, Cammie Collier, Lenise Willis, Brianna Glenn

We love to write; we love to test out the latest products; we love staying in the know; most of all, we love telling it all to you! See the latest products we’ve been crushing on below! Each Friday we come out with a new list, so follow us weekly.

Here’s a clue to just a few of what we’ve been crushing on as of late.
From trinkets to bracelets, we think they’re all great.
So don’t be blue when you don’t know what to do.
Just listen up and follow our tool on the latest gifts you should get into.

Lenise Willis’ Pick: Motto Journal from Compendium

I’m a sucker for stationery, which-sidenote-is why I claimed it as my category for GDA. When I started just a few short months ago as the editor in chief, Compendium sent me a beautiful welcome package. One of the items, a bright yellow journal with the words, “Start Something Wonderful,” printed in gold lettering is now a staple at my desk (and in my purse). It’s an inspiring note to keep close, and it’s the perfect size to keep track of all of my sporadic notes and ideas-and I have a lot of those! I also just love the fun design and the black-and-white bookmark.

I thought it was so sweet, in fact, that I bought a second one to use as a decoration at my friend’s bachelorette party. It was an upscale affair, and instead of the traditional party decorations, I set up a table of champagne, flowers and seashells (the party was in Treasure Island, Fla.), and used the book as the centerpiece.

This way, it doubled as both a party decoration and a sweet keepsake. Inside, I wrote a special note to the bride-to-be about how she can use the journal as a travel diary throughout their honeymoon. They’ll be taking a three-week European vacation, which they’ll definitely want to document. It’s a cheerful and useful keepsake, and I love keeping it by my side. It keeps me organized and sane, for sure!

Anne-Marie Earl’s Pick: Bambu Serving Trays

I hosted a small gathering to celebrate a friend’s birthday on Monday night, and as always, I knew I was going to put out a little something for my friends to snack on. In the past, I’d just use a regular dinner plate or, if it was around the holidays, an old cookie platter, but our friends at bambu sent me their Cedar Wood Hex Tray, and I was thrilled to try it out.

First, it’s beautiful, with natural grain and knots, and its story made for a nice conversation starter-bambu’s cedar trays are upcycled from 70-year-old Chinese houses. But the real appeal is how wide it is, making plenty of room for a nice cheese spread, plus pretzel chips and hummus.

I felt like such a put-together hostess-never mind the dog hair tumbleweeds in the corner-and we all grazed on the snacks throughout the evening. What’s more, I just wiped it with mild soapy water and the brie came right off. I absolutely love this tray, and I know it would make a fabulous hostess gift.

Cammie Collier’s Pick: The Silpoura Kitchen Helper

Juggling a hot boiling pot and a hand-held strainer when draining pasta noodles is quite hard for me, mostly because I’m just a touch uncoordinated in the kitchen. That’s why I bought this unique product for myself and in turn, loved it so much, that it has become a top-pick to add to my housewarming gift baskets.

The Silpoura clip-on pouring spout is made of high-temperature (up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit) food-grade silicone. It’s dishwasher safe, which I LOVE, and it can be used on a variety of pot and container sizes. I’ve used it with my stock and soup pots and even on my KitchenAid mixer bowl, so I can pour my cake batter easier and without making a mess.

I have seen on Pinterest where the product has been used to drain browned hamburger, but I haven’t tried that yet. That will be next on my list. I highly recommend this product and give it two, unburned, thumbs up!

Brianna Glenn’s Pick: Treasure Vessels for Your Desk

“Form and function.” Those are the two distinguishing words emphasized by O Yeah Gifts when describing its new Treasure Vessels. I must agree-these little babies are the definition of “multi-purpose.” My first thought when it was delivered to me at work was, “Score! Finally, something to put all of my pesky bobby pins and small earrings in.”

But, by the time I put it down on my desk to wrap back up until I could get it home, I had decided that I would plant a small plant in it to add a little life to my office space. Or maybe a candle? Before I knew it, I had stored all of my favorite office supplies from the day in it. So, you see where this is going, right?

The all-natural handmade Treasure Vessels Collection by O Yeah Gifts allows the imagination to wander and is diverse in its purposefulness. I love seeing it at my desk every day; it keeps me organized and adds a touch of style to my office supplies.

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