LA Mart Celebrates a Successful 2017 Summer Market

New showrooms were seen on every floor of the 95-percent occupied gift & home floors of LA Mart during the 2017 Summer Market. Outstanding new showrooms included additions such as Bozatli, Culturas, Dale Tiffany , F.T. Renner,  K & K Table Tops, Lumily,  Moosepablos, Mo’s Antiques, Pillows and Beyond , Popobe, Teresa’s Room, and 2-2 Hot.

In addition, joining together  to create beautiful new spaces, were great lines like, Creativeego, Four Points Trading, katzpajamas, KingRay Textiles and Rit Z Rags, all of which encompassed nearly 23,000 square feet of fresh and new showroom offerings.

Marking its 59th summer in business, LA Mart stepped up to provide a strong market with outstanding customer service, thousands of square feet of new showrooms and exciting energy everywhere.  Buyer traffic was slightly up with a single-digit percentage increase in market attendance.  Enthusiasm and vivacity were palpable as vibrant shopping, networking and energetic exchanges occurred throughout the building.

“The theme for LA Mart’s Summer Market was American patriotism and support for our incredible state of California,” states Frank Joens, Sr. Vice President, General Manager, LA Mart.  “It feels like the country needs a strong dose of good old fashioned pride, so we decided to celebrate The United States of America with a microfocus on California’s National Parks.

We created giant park photographs with coordinating gift products, which were seen throughout the elevator lobbies, along with main lobby column wraps that were printed with callouts for pride, freedom, unity and inclusion.  In addition to the lobby’s aide-memoire was a red, white and blue USA-themed product display that supplied 100 square feet with selected items curated from the nearly 150 showrooms throughout the LA Mart building.

Along with a focused patriotic atmosphere, complimentary all-American food was served throughout, including red and blue snow cones, fresh popcorn, homemade ice cream and handmade fruit bars.

Friday evening, the main lobby of the LA Mart, festooned in red, white and blue patriotic décor, welcomed hundreds of buyers, manufacturers and showroom staff to a cocktail party.  Accompanying great networking and party chatter was the inclusion of delicious gourmet bites, a great selection of wine and beer as well as live musicians playing and singing favorite tunes from great American artists.

Other LA Mart celebrations included the 35th anniversary of Sales Producers showroom and 50th anniversary for Roger Gruen as part of Kurt  S. Adler Inc.

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