Nickelodeon Launches Pro-Social Initiative HALO Movement

As part of Nickelodeon’s commitment to recognize real kids who are making a difference in the world, the network is launching the Nickelodeon HALO Movement, a new year-round pro-social initiative celebrating kids who are helping and leading others (HALO).

Beginning this month, Nickelodeon is teaming up with longstanding volunteer partners Key Club and DoSomething.org to mobilize kids to participate in service projects, for the opportunity to receive seed grants or scholarship funds for school.  WeHALO.comprovides information on how to participate in the Nickelodeon HALO Movement and apply for HALO grants through KeyClub.org and DoSomething.org.

As part of the Nickelodeon HALO Movement, Key Club, a student-led volunteer organization sponsored by Kiwanis International, will provide its members with opportunities to participate in service projects that can be submitted for a chance to receive seed grants to further support their cause.

DoSomething.org, the largest tech platform for young people and social change, will select monthly scholarship winners who participate in and complete their campaigns.

On WeHALO.com, the digital hub for the Nickelodeon HALO Movement, users can submit videos, photos or notes showing how they are helping and leading others, for the opportunity to be featured on the site.  WeHALO.com also provides tips and information on ways to get involved in the community and allows users to share their HALO moments using #WeHALO.

The Nickelodeon HALO Movementbuilds on the HALO Awards, an annual concert event honoring young community leaders, and The HALO Effect, the 2016 docu-series that gave viewers an in-depth look into the inspirational stories of teens who are eager to share the issues important to them.

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