Onions in Jam and Stationery That Blooms

Working at Gifts and Decorative Accessories is like living every day as a holiday. Searching for the latest new products feels a lot like shopping, and receiving samples in the mail feels a lot like our birthdays.

(L-R) Anne-Marie Earl, Cammie Collier, Lenise Willis, Brianna Glenn

We love what we do. We love to write; we love to test out the latest products; we love staying in the know; most of all, we love telling it all to you! See the latest products we’ve been crushing on below! Each Friday we come out with a new list, so follow us weekly.

Here’s a clue to just a few of what we’ve been crushing on as of late.
From trinkets to bracelets, we think they’re all great.
So don’t be blue when you don’t know what to do.
Just listen up and follow our tool on the latest gifts you should get into.

Lenise Willis’ Pick: Puppy Diffuser

Just a couple of weeks ago my boyfriend and I brought home a 6.5-week old chocolate lab puppy. She is a handful, to say the least. Lola is now nine weeks old and bolder than ever -long gone are the first few days when she was afraid of everything and would barely venture from between our legs.

Now she’s a little explorer -and climber. That makes lighting candles in the apartment pretty difficult -but we still enjoy our apartment smelling wonderful and cozy.

That’s where the Greenleaf Fan Diffuser comes in! With just a touch of the top button, the quiet fan softly blows a wonderful scent all throughout the apartment. It’s both USB or battery operated, which is my preference so there aren’t any cords Lola can chew on, plus it freshens the apartment without any dangerous flames or glass (read: breakable) containers. The modern, neutral design also fits nicely into our home decor, so my boyfriend doesn’t feel like I’m “girling up” the apartment.

Anne-Marie Earl’s Pick: Wine Design

Back at NY Tabletop in April, I saw the most beautiful glassware, and I must admit that I was mentally shopping for my own home. My friends at Oneida sent me a gift as a thank you for visiting, and I absolutely love it! They sent four large, stemless wine glasses, great for entertaining.

They are sturdy, feel solid in my hand and they hold more than the average glass, for those times when you want two glasses but want to skip the guilt that comes along with a second pour. I pulled these puppies out for a recent get-together with friends, and they made my last-minute plans look put together.

Brianna Glenn’s Pick: Blooming Stationery

If you ask me, the most genuine form of gratitude, love or condolences is through a handwritten letter. Whenever my friends receive a gift from me, they always know to expect two things: beautiful packaging or gift wrap, and a hand written letter that I expect to be read before they rip into their gift.

However, I’m sort of picky about the stationery products that I use to accompany my gifts-after all, what’s the likelihood of your card making it to the mantel if it’s less than attractive, right? Whatever card I choose has to be beautiful and embody my personality. The Candy Bouquet Note Card Set by Peter Pauper Press features a bouquet of beautiful red, pink, purple and blue pop-art flowers, arranged in a glass vase. Accented with gold foil highlights and striped edging, this card set is feminine and buoyant, just like me!

Cammie Collier’s Pick: Going Gourmet!

When in doubt, always add bacon -that’s my motto! That’s why lately I can’t seem to get enough of Stonewall Kitchen’s Maple Bacon Onion Jam. This delicious and savory, yet sweet, jar of goodness is fantastic on grilled chicken. My boyfriend, Mark, likes it on toast. Ms. Sue, his mother, enjoys it on just about everything.

We’ve added it to grilled cheese and turkey sandwiches, and…drum roll please…we’ve used it as a glaze on roasted Brussels sprouts! So good, no kidding! I love several other Stonewall Kitchen products, including Lemon Pear Marmalade and White Fig Spread, but the Maple Bacon Onion Jam, I have to say, is still my favorite. Whenever I find it on any shelf, I usually buy out the store, just to have extra on hand.

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