Our Favorite Purse, Summer Reading List and More

This week, we talk about our latest favorite book, purse, love gift and more! Check out our Editor’s Picks for the week below!

It’s been a busy week in the Gifts and Decorative Accessories office this week. We’re finally wrapping up the summer season of trade shows and, without missing a beat, went straight into finalizing our big plans for our 66th Annual REAs and our first-ever Century Awards in New York this Sunday.

But, of course, we still had to find time to re-charge with a new and exciting gift -something that brightens our week.

The Girl Who Reads (Anne-Marie Earl’s Pick)

As a mother of a little girl, it’s very important to me that I raise a daughter who is strong, smart and confident. I am constantly searching for books that teach her that women are capable of overcoming great obstacles.

We read books every night, sometimes as many as 10 (and don’t get me started on the 20 minute concert I have to sing before she’ll lie down), so I was thrilled when Compendium sent us something new. I absolutely love reading The Girl Who Ran, a book about Bobbi Gibb, the first woman to run the Boston Marathon, to my impressionable little lady. She loves the illustrations, and I love the message. And while I’m not any closer to running a marathon, I am inspired to try new things and work hard for what I want. And I hope one day the book will do the same for my daughter.

From Work to Play (Lenise Willis’ Pick)

I’m notorious (as probably most women are) for carrying my entire life around in my purse. I love big purses. I love being able to sling my bag around my shoulder and know that if my lips get chapped, if a button falls off my shirt, if I have a few spare minutes to read a book, if I need to re-apply my makeup or brush my hair, or even take notes, that I’M PREPARED! I’ve got it all in my big bag. But now that I travel so much for trade shows, I’ve been carrying a purse and a computer bag…until recently.

My new Heartstrings purse actually has enough room for all of my personal items and a separate compartment for my laptop and even pens. It keeps me organized and let’s me down-size to just one bag. This way, I’m prepared for work during the day, and the purse is still fashionable enough for a night on the town afterward. I mean, as the editor in chief of Gifts and Decorative Accessories, it’s important to stay on trend, too, which is why not only is purse a chic beige with a pink tint, and polka-dot interior, but it also has my initials monogrammed in gold.

“You Are Loved” (Cammie Collier’s Pick)

“The greatest thing you’ll ever learn, it just to love and be loved in return.” – Eden Ahbez.

My boyfriend, of three years, and I just celebrated our anniversary together. I am usually a big greeting-card giver. There is just something about a card or a handwritten note that shows you care. As an intaglio-etching printmaker in college, which utilizes handmade cotton paper in the printing process, I learned to adore most things, “paper.” However, for this celebration, instead of giving him the usual anniversary card, I chose to give him something a little different.

I found a cute little slat sign that reads, “You Are Loved,” by Primitives by Kathy at a local gift shop. I wrapped it, handed it to him and said, “Here’s your Card!” I got a “What in the world?” reaction from that, but when he opened it, he smiled. I told him he could perch it on his office desk as a little reminder that he is loved. I really enjoy wall signs with little sayings to remind me and those I care about of love, joy and the preciousness of life.

It’s the Small Things That Count (Brianna Glenn’s Pick)

Sometimes as I sit at my desk, typing away, racking my brain for cool content ideas, I just need a mental break. It’s always nice to just back away from my computer, close my eyes for a second and breathe in and out, slowly. Then, I’m ready to go back to writing.

But then, there’s those days when deadlines are approaching and I just don’t have that second to back away, close my eyes, and breathe. That’s where my cubicle trinkets come in handy! I like to fill my cubicle up with fun and colorful little trinkets so that I can keep my mental juices flowing without stopping my work flow. One of my favorites is my “words matter” keepsake from Barn Owl Primitives. I keep it on the shelf with my favorite collegiate mug and a bright box that holds my hand lotions and other desk necessities. So, every time I reach up to grab something, I’m reminded that my words really do matter. It’s simple, but sweet.

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