Quirky Card Humor Proves Timeless

Humorous greeting cards with a hint of cheek are on-trend currently, but in 1958, they were causing quite an uproar! A news headline in our Greeting Card section read, “Off-color Studio Cards Worry Retailers, Survey Shows.”

The swingin’ trends of the 60’s had not yet hit gifts and greeting cards, but there was plenty of wit and quirky humor to be found. Here are some of my favorite picks in our December 1958 issue:

Two of these cocktail cards read, “Let’s Get Plastered” and “Name Your Poison.” What a delightfully debaucherous party invitation!

GDA described this Valentine’s card as “humorously sadistic.” We would hope our Valentine wouldn’t need a lobotomy to love us!

Even Santa has sass in 1958!

“The Nebbishes” were made popular by Herb Gardner. They were blobby cartoon figures whose self-deprecation was cleverly cunning.

Plum Line Cards pushed the envelope of the greeting card industry to the fullest with their cheeky, sarcastic cards. Their intelligent witticisms are reminiscent of today’s someecards.

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