Regent Holding Company Acquires Illume

Under the acquisition, Liz Barrere, will continue in her role as president and CEO of illume. Additionally, top leadership and employees will remain with the company. Illume’s factory in Bloomington will also continue to produce products for the combined company.

Illume, the home fragrance and beauty brand, has been acquired by Regent Holding Company, the parent company of Creative Co-Op and Bloomingville.

Illume is a global brand of home fragrance and personal care products found in more than 7,000 retailers nationwide and in 44 countries.

As a designer and wholesaler of home décor, Regent Holding Company has a global presence through its two brands, Creative Co-Op and Bloomingville. Between the two companies, Regent has multiple distribution channels in the United States, Europe, the Middle East and Asia, and supplies more than 30,000 retail doors globally.

“We are thrilled to be partnering with Illume,” said Eugene Wang, CEO, Regent. “Illume’s unique combination of design expertise along with top-notch manufacturing capabilities aligns perfectly with Regent’s strategic objective of maximizing product selling opportunity through leveraging great design with broad sales distribution and efficient sourcing. We look forward to working with the talented Illume management team to capitalize on significant cross-selling opportunities to help Illume continue on its impressive growth trajectory.”

Barrere added,”We’ve always admired both Bloomingville and Creative Co-Op as category leaders in both design and quality. We can’t wait to join forces with these creative minds to work together on creating new products, finding new markets and forging new partnerships. All of our companies have a strong perspective on product, trend and design, and it will be exciting to get us all together to create. We’re forming a super group.”

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