Studio M Launches Outdoor Kinetic Art

Studio M, formerly Magnet Works, will be launching a new line of outdoor kinetic sculptures at the 2016 gift and home markets.

The line, named Kaleidoscope, features brightly colored dimensional sculptures that can be mounted on a variety of surfaces including fences, trees, auger poles and more. The Kaleidoscope collection’s design allows a layer on each kinetic sculpture to gently turn in the wind.

“You won’t find anything on the market like Kaleidoscope,” said Curt Todd, CEO, Studio M. “We have carefully crafted these sculptures with heavy-gauge metal and high-quality bearings so that their movement is subtle and steady. The result is a calming, captivating display of color and movement.”

The artist behind the line, Carol Roeda, has been creating artwork for more than 40 years and is well known for her popular line of decorative magnets, “Embellish Your Story,” by Demdaco.

“Carol has a passion for creating art that inspires people and brings them a sense of joy,” said Anne Brown, director of product development, Studio M. “When we began talking about concepts for this line, motion was an important theme. The kinetic element of these sculptures symbolizes the movement and change we each experience in our own lives.”

Studio M will launch Kaleidoscope this January along with three other new collections from artists Mary Engelbreit, Susan Winget and Jennifer Brinley. The company will also be expanding each of its existing lines including Art Poles, Gypsy Garden and more.

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