Sullivans and Winward to Launch Floral Partnership at 2017 Shows

Sullivan, Inc., designer and distributor of everyday, seasonal and branded home decor products, headquartered in Sioux Falls, SD has announced a partnership with Winward International through a new stem line, Winward Select Exclusively for Sullivans, to be introduced at the 2017 Summer shows.

“Winward is renowned in the industry for the finest quality botanicals, and we couldn’t be more excited for this partnership,” said Tom Russo, CEO of Sullivans. “This exclusive Winward Select line gives Sullivans a third tier of stem quality for a good, better, and now best position in the market.

Our customers will truly have the full spectrum of quality and value at their fingertips.”

Patrick Tai, CEO of Winward said, “This partnership offers Winward a new position in front of many more customers, along side a company recognized for exceptional customer service for nearly 50 years. It’s a win-win for both of our companies and we look forward to growing this new line together.”

In addition to the Winward Select florals, Sullivans is unveiling other floral expansions including a new Floral Masters Wedding Collection and a 1-2-3 Instant Bouquet line.

“But florals are just the tip of the iceberg!” said Denise Lee, Vice President of Product Development at Sullivans. “We are also introducing a record number of new themes, making a significant move in containers and delivering a big splash in Easter as well. We’ll have over 900 new items, 40 percent of which are exclusive to Sullivans.”

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