A Farmhouse Fresh Sleepover at Work

Today was a very special Friday at work. It was the first day Managing Editor Anne-Marie Earl and Editor in Chief Lenise Willis were both in the office after covering the Las Vegas Market. And Assistant Editor Brianna Glenn was returning from her vacation in the Dominican Republic.

Needless to say, us gals needed to catch up! And since Farmhouse Fresh was nice enough to send us three new facials to try, we grabbed our robes from home and a chocolate treat and had our own little “sleepover” in the office.

Editor’s Picks: Farmhouse Fresh Facials

Each one of us snagged a facial to try. Lenise took the Sand Your Ground clarifying mud exfoliation mask, Anne-Marie took the Guac Star revitalizing avocado hydration mask and Brianna tried the Pudding Apeel tapioca and rice mask. Afterward, each of us noticed how soft and refreshed our faces felt!

Anne-Marie particularly loved the hydration mask, saying how perfect it was after returning from the dry heat of Vegas. Our skin was so dry and in dire need of help. Honestly, our hair felt brittle too from the heat and low humidity, but that’s a solve for another day. 

Lenise loved the exfoliating mask because it got rid of some dead cells and revealed a fresher looking face underneath. The mask is made with red Arizona clay (a perfect wink to her time out West for Las Vegas Market) and organic willow bark. Together the ingredients act as a micro-exfoliator, surface smoother, and bacteria and toxin absorber. Lenise said the sand in the mask made her feel like the clay was really working, but without being too rough. Her skin just felt refreshed and so soft and supple. She was worried her skin would be a little red or rubbed raw, but it wasn’t!

For Anne-Marie, who has pretty sensitive skin, the milder hydration mask was a better choice. The green clay is made up of fresh avocado butter, oil and extract. The cooling effect soothes the skin and acts as an instant refresher.

Brianna’s Pudding Apeel is made with glycolic and fruit extract and Alpha Hydroxy Acids for a texture improver, resurfacer and super renewer. As she rubbed the mask on, she said she could feel little bits of dead skin sloughing off. 

Afterward, we popped in our Ghirardelli chocolate treat to complete our mini girls day in the office, and went back to work with fresh, re-energized faces (and yes…without makeup on, ha!)

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