Fragrant Diffusers, Beer-Scented Candles, Baby Accessories

Working at Gifts and Decorative Accessories is like living every day as a holiday. Searching for the latest new products feels a lot like shopping, and receiving samples in the mail feels a lot like our birthdays.

(L-R) Anne-Marie Earl, Cammie Collier, Lenise Willis, Brianna Glenn

We love what we do. We love to write; we love to test out the latest products; we love staying in the know; most of all, we love telling it all to you! See the latest products we’ve been crushing on below!

Here’s a clue to just a few of what we’ve been crushing on as of late.
From trinkets to bracelets, we think they’re all great.
So don’t be blue when you don’t know what to do.
Just listen up and follow our tool on the latest gifts you should get into.

Lenise Willis’ Pick: Amber Warmth in the Summertime

Creative people are usually pretty sensitive to their environment-and I’m no exception! When I sit down to write an article, I have to feel comfortable, usually sitting criss-cross in my seat with my laptop and a warm cup of coffee. I also like to feel cozy and scents play a large part in that. That’s why I have a Greenleaf Amber Warmth Reed Diffuser that sits on my desk at work. Every time someone opens my office door they say, “Oh, what is that smell?!” It delights my office guests, just as much as it helps to relax me while I work.

Anne-Marie Earl’s Pick: Crafted Candles

At Las Vegas Market, I found a company based in Tampa, Fla., that caught my eye. I’m always looking for men’s gifts for my husband that go beyond a boring tie or pack of Titleist Pro V1s. Torched Products’ display was set up like a man cave, so I knew I was on to something. But candles?

I wasn’t so sure until I realized the containers were cut and recycled beer bottles and growlers. I’m a sucker for anything eco-friendly, and bonus points for smelling as delicious as those beer-inspired scents are. I had to snag one, but I’ll be honest-it was more for me than for my husband. The Blackforest Lager scent smells like a handsome man, or as the rep said, “a night of bad intentions.”

Brianna Glenn’s Pick: The Perfect Baby Shower Gift

Babies are always looking for something to soothe those itchy gums, but they always go for the exact thing that has no place in a baby’s mouth-or any mouth, for that matter! How many times have you caught a baby mid-chomp, just as they are about to slobber down a pair of their mom’s pearls? Well, Chewbeads is renowned for their line of baby-safe, chewable, wearable jewelry. Made of 100% BPA-, PVC-, Cadmium-, Lead-, and Phthalate-free silicone, the beads in Chewbeads necklaces and bracelets are soft on baby gums and emerging teeth and easily cleaned with dish soap and water.

A few months back, they sent me a set of Chewbeads Baby Gramercy Stroller Toy/Car Seat Attachments that hook on to the stroller for easy access for baby. I thought they were the cutest thing, especially with all the bright and poppy, but gender-neutral, colors that they feature. One of my coworkers is preparing to go on maternity leave for the birth of her baby boy, and I knew the Chewbeads would be the perfect baby shower gift for her.

Often times, I’m invited to showers for coworkers or old classmates that I am happy to go celebrate but I don’t quite know well enough to know exactly what to get their newborn baby. A gift like Chewbeads is ideal in a situation like this because any mother will appreciate a good teething toy, especially one that doesn’t involve their pearls!

Judging from the her big smile, and the even bigger chunk of baby shower cake that she cut for me, I think Amber was pretty happy to receive her Chewbeads.

Cammie Collier’s Pick: A Pleasant Sound

Besides a baby’s laugh and waves crashing on the shore, I know of few things that are more pleasant and wonderful to listen to than wind chimes.

On a recent trip to Blowing Rock, NC, I was walking by a cute little gift shop. The edges of the awnings held several really nice looking and sounding wind chimes. I had to take a closer look. I wasn’t surprised to find that these chimes were made by Woodstock. I have recalled placing photos of their products in our featured products sections in the past. Seeing the product  in person was a treat. They were high quality and the sounds made were just beautiful.

I was drawn to one chime in particular called “Spanish Garden.”  I learned that the chimes by Woodstock are actually tuned. Being a guitarist and musician myself, this intrigued me. The “Spanish Garden” chime, in particular, is tuned to the “opening minor chord of the adagio movement from the Concierto de Aranjuez, (for guitar) by Joaquin Rodrigo, one of the most Significant Spanish composers of the twentieth century.” No wonder I liked the sound so much.

If you would like to take a listen for yourself, go to this page on the Woodstock Chimes website. I believe you’ll really enjoy it, and your customers may too.

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