NYC Apartment Decor in the 30s

Today, these apartments still exist in their same location and under the same name. Take a look at what an upscale NYC apartment looked like in the 1930s.

In one of our magazine’s issues from the 1930s, the brand new Rockefeller Apartments made their debut. These furnished apartments were the height of NYC living at the time. They boasted modern features and prime location (17 West 54th Street).

The text reads: “Unusual among New York apartment houses will be the two eleven-story buildings being constructed by the Rockefeller interests just north of famous Rockefeller Center. The houses are in modern style throughout, and there has been much interest expressed regarding appropriate furnishings and accessories for the various apartments.

Pictured here are views of a typical furnished Rockefeller apartment which has recently been arranged in the PEDAC Studios, R.C.A. Bldg., Rockefeller Center, by Paul R. MacAlister. A.I.D., and James W. Folger.”

“A bedroom vista.”

“In the dual-purpose room (bedroom-sitting room).”

“The living room, with circular dining bay.”

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